Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (Black )

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Fitness trackers are really on-the-go nowadays. Earlier, people used to rely on the smartwatches for a really sky-high price. Gone are the days where you have to put ample bucks in your pocket for buying the fitness trackers and now Xiaomi like manufacturers are going to make your life cinch as it has brought out the most affordable fitness tracker, Xiaomi Mi Band 2. And, Xiaomi is recorded to be the only company to bring out the fitness trackers at a very cheap price. Its predecessor Xiaomi Mi Band was sold at Rs999 ie; making it an affordable fitness tracker. This time, with the new model, it is making rounds yet not that inexpensive as its predecessor, but it has some features to rely on.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specs

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

The design and the build quality of the Mi band 2 are more or less similar to its predecessor. It comes with an OLED display which is covered with Gorilla glass making it tough and stable. At the initial impressions, this fitness tracker is not that scratch resistant as the company assured to be. The materials they used for Mi Band is Thermoplastic and aluminum alloy. It comes with the heart rate sensor that is present on the other side of the capsule. It is 1P67 water-resistant, dust-resistant. and corrosion resistant.

The Mi Band 2, this time, unlike its predecessor comes with some groovy features and Idle Alert feature being one of them. This feature is very fain to have in this model. It will alert you whenever you are passive for an hour. Lethargic ones can make the best use of it. If you've been sitting idle for too long, it will track you. It also reminds you if you forget about your short breaks, water breaks and short walks.

With Mi Fit app, you can track and monitor your running speed and also your heart rate. It tracks your daily sleep patterns and encounters your light sleep and deep sleep. It is all possible with the heart rate sleep assistant.

The one feature that makes you head over heels is unlocking feature.  The band, when in your hand, if close to your Android phone, locks the phone instantly. And, guess what, you don't need to enter your passcode or match your fingerprint to do this. All you need is to be close to the fitness tracker with the phone in the near distance. You can also get alert notifications, messages or calls if you missed out on the phone or if your phone is cuddled in the bag or packet.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Specifications

Its low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 chipset enables accurate connections and also ensures a long battery life with sturdy data transmissions. It has a towering 20 days of battery life and the lithium polymer battery that it used is very light and inexhaustible. The accelerometer and the heart sensors are extravagantly power-efficient.

The band is smooth and easy to fit in your hands. It is also very much reliable for the people with sensitive skin. The Mi band2 price in India is Rs. 1,999.


Overall, keeping the affordable price at bay, the Mi Band 2 has something helpful to offer. If you are looking for a sharp fitness tracker, then Mi Band 2 would be a dexterous buy!


· OLED display

· Mi Fit app

· Idle Alert feature

· Inexpensive


· Heart rate sensor could be improved

· Little susceptible to scratches

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Black Full Specifications

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