Voltas Jade - 5 Star (Y Series) 1.50 T 185 JY Split AC (White )

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 Since ages, Voltas has been flooding with A-class AC with stupefying features. It has never wavered its brand though it has come farther. It has always come up with exciting models and with the growth in it instilled, it has marveled its very presence in the top AC manufacturers in India by erupting the best split AC. Air Conditioner is one of the essential household products, Voltas has always taken a stance to bring out the best of it for every family to experience the frosty weather at their tiny space.

The latest Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC is packed with gleaming features. Let's unpack the features in it!

Voltas Jade - 5 Star (Y Series) 1.50 T 185 JY Split AC

Voltas Jade - 5 Star (Y Series) 1.50 T 185 JY Split AC

The design of this split ACS is elegant and neat. The entire AC is veiled with inner grooved copper tubes and blue hydrophilic aluminum fins which makes it corrosion-resistant. The unit comes with LED display which can you can facilely use it. This 5-start split AC comes with a capacity of 1.5 T where it can easily cool your room efficiently and proficiently. The 1.5-ton AC is a great fit for medium-sized rooms. Raging with the high electricity bills? Then this 5-star AC will make your life cinch with 5 start rating with super saving power and the bills. With the Cross-Flow air vent feature, experience the constant cooling in your room.

The Jade - 5 Star (Y Series) is hassle-free as the self-diagnosis and auto-restart features will maintain everything in an agile manner. And, the de-humidification feature makes your room more pleasant and enduring. You can also bid adieu to the uneven cooling in your room as the auto swing feature evens the cooling in your space. It comes with a cooling capacity of 5050 W.

Not just ensuring the coolness of the room, Voltas 1.5 T split AC also assures to keep the stingy smell at bay. Its anti-bacterial filter will strive to shoo away all the harmful and toxic substances. To purify and cleanse the air from harmful dust, Anti-Dust, Active Carbon, Nano Silver, Catechin Filter, Acaro Bacterium (Red), and Silver Ion filters are used.

Voltas Jade - 5 Star (Y Series) 1.50 T 185 JY Split AC Price

This 1.5 T split AC comes with LCD remote with glowing buttons. It also has some convenient features like turbo mode and sleep mode. It also has a dual temperature display which indicates the set and the room temperature. The sleep mode in it assures to auto adjust the temperature for a convenient sleep. The Auto-restart feature makes you on-the-go post power cut; you need not manually reset the settings as it will automatically do it for you.

The Voltas 1.5 T split-AC price in India is Rs. 46,290. But, you could it from the online stores like Flipkart and Amazon with 30-40% discount.


  • 5-star rating
  • corrosion-resistant
  • anti-bacterial filter
  • Auto-restart feature


  • The noise level of the indoor unit is little high.


Voltas has always clutched its brand with no stoop. This 1.5 T Split AC is flooded with over-whelming features and undeniably it is worth a buy!

Voltas Jade - 5 Star (Y Series) 1.50 T 185 JY Split AC White Full Specifications

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