Sharp SJ FS79 Side Side by Side 678 Ltr Refrigerator

Rs. 70500.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • 4 star rating, multi doors, 678 liters capacity, ice maker, plasmacluster ions system

SharpCorporation is a Japanese Multinational company that publishes the SJ-FS79multi-door refrigerator with a capacity of storage space is 678 liters. This fridge has includes a variety of traits like fresh case, ice storage box, utility bin, eco sign, door bins, and fruit case.


OutsideShaft appears in sleek door handle that designed for comfortable use by people of all heights and ages, we touch this grip easy to move for opening and closing the refrigerator door and it provides a more longevity.


This refrigerator has equipped with Automatic Icemaker for making ice cubes for any special occasions. We can prepare ice in 4 styles such as clear normal, clear large, normal, and large that is depending on your choice. The user can select the clear normal mode that fridge is prepared ice in rectangular, cube, square models.

It has a Glass Touch control panel that is assimilated into the outside of the refrigerator doors and it offers easy access to the control mode icons such as plasma cluster function, energy saving, ice making, auto ice tray cleaning, express freezing, child lock, vacation mode, temperature rise indicator and temperature control. This panel is operated in your full fingertips.

The refrigerator inside is placed in ingenious air vents so that generates positive and negative ions which help to deactivate bacteria and mold, viruses, dust particles on your food items. The main advantage of this utilization is to reduce the dad aromas in your refrigerator. This meaning is your food is safe and secured for a long period of time so it maintains a nutrition food for healthy and active life.  This type of method is called as plasma cluster ion technology.

In ordinary refrigerators, the cooling air is passed on simultaneously in inside that appliance so the food items are capturing overcooling and excessive dryness that items are fatty spoiled but this problem is overcome with the sharp company. It produces an innovative  Hybrid cooling technology, the sharp manufacturer is built with unique aluminum panel into the back of the refrigerator and it cools down to 0degree Celsius, the chilled air is slowly distributed throughout the device your vegetables and fruits are retained fresh.

When the over cooling air flows into inside your fridge so the Ag + NanoDeoridirizer unit is filtered chilled expression and captures the airborne odors also to controls spread of bacteria from your perishable food items.

Whenever your refrigerator is opened in 1 minute that machine is passed alert notifications for you this method is called as a door alarm and also gives a child lock.

They have a vacation mode that adjusted the temperature in 10 degrees Celsius because this mode is consumed with a low power and to preserve food from during power cuts or we can travel any place or trip. This mode is also called holiday mode.

This fridge has embedded with White full rear lighting, User to place items inside the refrigerator that products are looking Gorgeous and finding faster.

the includes water tank that has been filled with a water after automatically operates ice maker function these are coated with Ag + Anti-bacterial ions so it can’t allow microorganisms and the cleaning become easily while using auto ice tray function.  


This fridge cost is approximately Rs.124, 800 available in India.


Glass touch control panel.

Plasma cluster ion technology.


No water dispenser.

5 years compressor warranty.


The appliance comes with more accelerated features that are Plasma cluster ions technology, Glass touch control panel, Automatic ice maker, hybrid cooling system and the disadvantage of this device is, sharp builder not packs the water dispenser mechanism and Cost are more expensive.

Sharp SJ FS79 Side Side by Side 678 Ltr Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Sharp
Model Name Sharp SJ FS79
Model ID SJ-FS79
Star Rating 4 Star
Deodorizer Type Yes
Capacity 678 L
Type Side by Side
No of Doors 4
Body Features
Shelf Material N/A
Door Handle Yes
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 2
Egg Tray N/A
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight N/A
Net Height 1830 mm
Net Depth 770 mm
Net Width 890 mm
Other Features
Other Features Ag+ Coated Water Tank, Bottle Pocket, Freezing Technology, Fruit Case, Top Pocket.
Warranty 1 Year

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