Samsung RR2115RCAVL Single Door 212 Ltr Refrigerator

Rs. 19074.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • 5 star rating, 200 liters capacity, single door, toughened glass shelves

 SamsungRR2115RCAVL is a single door refrigerator and the defrosting type of this machine is boasts Direct Cooling technology with a capacity is 200 liters of storage. This fridge surface has laminated with the high glossy finish and it supports Rust Resistance Body Nature, it is possible to use a longer period of time without occurring any damage by using this refrigerator because of it provides the stronger capability. The weight of this appliance appears in 40 KGand the display color is Lilac Violet.


The ledge on this fridge appears in Toughened Glass these shelves have stronger, once the Glass is fall to the ground this is not damaging because that design is made durability and sturdy. We can store heavy food items and the weight is holding at 150KG. We get bar chrome handle type for convenient opening and closing this refrigerator door.

The design of this refrigerator sports a Stylish Crown Design which lends enchanting look.


The design of the fridge was builds in rust resistant so you can utilize with inflated longer period and the fridge coated in the high glossy finish so it displays very attractive and shiny in low light situations.

When your fridge door is opened at any time it does not enter the bacteria inside because of this fridge interior side positions with an excellent feature that Isanti-Bacterial Gasket.

When you placed important items in the refrigerator if then your home or office current is off or low this fridge offers an innovative technology for saving 4 hours cooling spontaneously.

This fridge contains big bottle guard allows to store 2 liters bottles. This produces a new range of feature for user to use put the sauces, juices, pickles. It displays like a utility box and the items are performed with safe and secure not fall to down.

This device has also contained Base Stand Drawer and this box is placed in the base of this refrigerator, the user can store extra space for storing onions and potatoes and these items do not need extra cooling.

In the refrigerator there is a functionality that it is fresh tech Deodorizer so you can utilize this for mostly in when you placed in perishable food items that are not spoiled fastly and once spoiled that bad smell is absorbs the Deodorizer and the smell is abolished through the top to the bottom refrigerator and it maintains clean.

The user can save the energy and current bills, that manufacturer was that issue on the mind Soit quilted the inbuilt stabilizer. The appearance of this fridge hinges are coated in a slick and the design is elegant look while the clean black makes the fridge is more durable.

In this refrigerator has appended the feature is Chilled room, which allows the chic option for cold storage of perishable food items, especially food to preserve them in longer and keeps a constant temperature on inside the fridge and also holds a long lasting freshness of food.

This machine has provided a separate compartment as health& cure box this is specially designed for the user to store medicines like injections, tablets, syrups etc and also hoard personal care or beauty products like ponds, Himalaya, Dove faces washes etc.By using this compartment, these type of products is protecting from heat and dust.

The refrigerator no harm to the ozone layer by using the R134a Refrigerant and it builds a milieu friendly nature.

Your fridge cooling is being more potent by the Cyclopentane insulation.

Energy rating:

The performance of this refrigerator is built 5 star Energy and it helps to savor Electricity Bill.


SamsungRR2115RCAVL price is Rs.18,400 available in India.


Fresh tech kit.

Stabilizer free.



 No dairy compartment.


No deodorizer.


 If you procure the fridge it apprehends a bunch of features that are chilled room, health & care box, fresh tech kit Deodorizer, Cyclopentane insulation.


Samsung RR2115RCAVL Single Door 212 Ltr Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Samsung
Model Name Samsung RR2115RCAVL Single Door 212 Ltr Refrigerator
Model ID Samsung RR2115RCAVL
Star Rating 5 Star
Deodorizer Type N/A
Capacity 200 L
Type 1
No of Doors Toughened Glass
Body Features
Shelf Material BAR
Door Handle 2
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves N/A
Egg Tray Yes
Freezer Features
Ice Tray 40
Weight 40Kg
Net Height 1309mm
Net Depth 637mm
Net Width 549mm
Other Features
Other Features Stabiliser Free Operation, Sustains wide range of voltage fluctuations, Cool Pack (4 Hours), Fresh Tech Kit, Toughened Glass Shelves, Big Bottle Guard, Small Door Guard – One, Chilled Room, Rust Resistant Body, Anti Fungal Door Gasket, Hidden Hinge w
Warranty 10 Year

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