Samsung RR2015SSBPX Single Door 195 Ltr Refrigerator

Rs. 16900.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • 2 star rating, 185 liters capacity, toughened glass shelves


The Samsung RR2015SSBPX model is asingle door refrigerator with a storage space is of 185 litres and thedefrosting type of this fridge is Direct Cool. This technology provideseffective cooling on the inner side of the refrigerator and it consumes less poweralso saves an electricity. Weight of this device is 37 KG and the dimensions are534x540x1250.

Designand Display:

This fridge has contains 2 shelves, 1vegetable & Fruit Drawer, 4 door bins or door pockets,1 ice tray. Therefrigerator Shelves are covered with Toughened Glass material, it producesvery strong stuff and capability of holding food items are larger that weightis up to 150KG.The handle type of this machine is Surf-Chrome this is designedfor our convenience.  The surf-chromehandle helps to us, easy of opening and closing the refrigerator door and itworks smoothly. Top displays floral design and display colour of this fridge isOrcherry Blue.


Thisfridge body nature has appeared in Rust-Resistance and the design is coated inHigh GlossyFinish. It provides a high performance service for we used longer duration andthe machine is maintained a stronger capability.

ThisDirect cool refrigerator renders an Anti-Fungal Door Gasket, This coverstrength is averts the entry and growth of Bactria and fungi on the interior of fridge.

Ifthe power is off or low voltage on your house, standard fridges are allowscooling with 1 hour or 11/2 hours without opening to the door but this fridgeis offers amazing 4 hours continuous cooling so your vegetables are fresh for thatperiod.

ThisSamsung produces an inbuilt stabilizer for controlling the heavy energy so itcan save your refrigerator energy. 

Wecan use outside of the Peak on fridge is also. It has boasts splendid wideTable Top itmeans to provide larger utility space on the Anterior of fridge and we putshowcase materials, the top table is fully covers the upper part of the door toprevent dust from collecting between the door and the cabinet.

ThisSamsung caters spacious big Bottle Guard, it has stores larger bottles up to 2 littersof our favourite drinks or beverages like sprite, thumps-up, fonts etc.

Thisappliance has comprehends Small Door Guard, it is a perfect utility box tostore sauces and juices, pickles.

Ithas bundledwith extra space at the base of the refrigerator for storing Onions andpotatoes, these items are not require to store extra cooling.

Samsungfeature is Unique Fresh Tech Kit by using this, in our fridge is absorbs nastyodours and maintains an odour free environment, while preserving the freshness ofstored vegetables and fruits or other food items for a longer time.

Thisfridge hinges are covered in slick and the display presentation is elegant, itis more durable because this fridge has produces a clean back activity with asafety cover for the compressor so we can easily clean the back of therefrigerator.

Ifyour vegetables are not damaged quickly so the fridge is offers a stylishoption that is chilled room functionality. You can place the perishable food items or if any inthat room they are stored in longer time without any mutilate.

Thisfridge has sponsors a lock& key function and it assist to lock therefrigerator from our kids because the children’s are opened door inunnecessarilyand it eats secretly in flavours or pudding. To utilize these Lock & Keymechanism and to overcome those problems.

Thefridge is built in Cyclopentane insulation so inside of the cooling being keepseffective and do not flow cooling on outside.


This fridge has been granted a 5 Starrating by the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) and the power consumption is at255W, the BEE 5 star ratio is plays one of the most effective energy efficientrole on this refrigerator and that saves electricity and a running cost.


This machine price is Rs.18000available in India.


*Anti-Fungal Door Gasket.

*Rust Resistance body.

* High glossy finish.

* Stabilizer free.


*No Water and ice Dispenser.

*No Separate Egg Container.

* Noisy compressor.

*No health & cosmetics box.


This fridge handle grip is veryportable and the design is very effectual. The display of this fridge is makesfloral design so it looks shiny as compared to other compartments and it allotswith amaze balls traits that are innovative cool technology, rust resistance,Anti-Fungal Door Gasket, Cyclopentane. 

Samsung RR2015SSBPX Single Door 195 Ltr Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Samsung
Model Name Samsung RR2015SSBPX Single Door 195L Refrigerator
Model ID Samsung RR2015SSBPX
Star Rating 5 Star
Deodorizer Type N/A
Capacity 185 L
Type Single Door
No of Doors 1
Body Features
Shelf Material Glass
Door Handle Surf-Chrome
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 2
Egg Tray N/A
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight 37kg
Net Height 1250mm
Net Depth 540mm
Net Width 534mm
Other Features
Other Features Stabiliser Free Operation, Sustains wide range of voltage fluctuations, Cool Pack (4 Hours), Base Stand Drawer, Fresh Tech Kit, Toughened Glass Shelves, Big Bottle Guard, Small Door Guard – One, Chilled Room, Rust Resistant Body, Anti Fungal Door Gas
Warranty 1 Year

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