Philips SPA150/94 2.1 Desktop Speaker

Rs. 1150.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The Maximum Output RMS per Satellite is 1.8 Watts and Subwoofer is 2.8 Watts.

Philips SPA150/94 2.1 desktop speakers are the latest speakers with the tiny body from the Philips Company which combines amazing technology and supplementing high-end music. This is a portable and compatible device. Checking the performance design of the gorgeous tiny Philips SPA150/94 2.1 Desktop Speakers.


The Philips SPA150/94 2.1 desktop speakers look cute and small. This is the best addition to the desktop where you find difficulty to accommodate large speakers. The design of the speaker adds beauty to your device as well your home. The speaker has three units. Two satellite speakers and a woofer.

The three units consist of Philips branding. He is a black colored speaker. It has a polycarbonate body which is hard enough and gives good durability. The LED light is available which shows the power ON/OFF. The USB and the SD card slots are present on the woofer.  The buttons are cute and small. The Philips speaker offers great connectivity and gives amazing sound.

The weight of the whole device is only 2500grams. Even the speaker system is small it doesn’t compromise anyway in the connectivities segment. It holds SD card, USB support for better flexibility. A 3.5mm audio jack is also available at the back.


Philips SPA150/94 2.1 is 7W sound output speaker. This is a 2.1 home theater speaker suitable for desktops and laptops. The speaker doesn’t support Bluetooth speaker. The speaker supports SD card. It is compatible with DVD, TV or Mobile devices. One year manufacturer warranty is available.

It has Aux-in, Stereo Input / Output Jacks connectivities. The power source of the device is AC adapter. Power ON/OFF indicator is available. Remote control is not available. Control buttons Pause, Forward, Rewind, Mode, and Rotary Volume are available. It consumes only 7W power.


This small speaker with a 2.1 channel configuration takes your listening to the next level. The system offers incredible sound and the good amount of bass at lower as well as higher frequencies. This is a very small speaker but provided with an AC adapter cable for power supply rather than the USB power cable.

The Maximum Output RMS per Satellite is 1.8 Watts and Subwoofer is 2.8 Watts. The speaker looks awesome with its small body. But delivers high music. With the SD card, 3.5mm audio jack and the USB support you can connect easily with the device and play songs as you like.


This is the smallest 2.1 system speaker which looks as well as functions well. It produces high sound with a good quality and the noise is never found. The pricing of the speaker is very less. It can be bought at a maximum price of Rs 1200/-

Philips SPA150/94 2.1 Desktop Speaker Full Specifications

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