Philips MMS-4545B 2.1 Speaker System

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Quick Specs:

  • The speaker output is 2 x 10 W and the woofer output is 20W. This is a 2.1 home theater speaker

Hello, Gamers here is the Philips MMS 4545B 2.1 Bluetooth speaker, now play unlimited time on your phone, just connect to the speaker and get rich quality bass by simply sitting on your sofa. And this is an exclusive review about the Philips MMS 4545B.


The Philips SPA150/9 Philips MMS 4545B 2.1 Bluetooth speaker is a medium sized speaker with a good woofer that has nice look. The design of the speaker adds beauty to your device as well your home. Blue colored panels are present around the speaker. The speaker has three units. Two satellite speakers and a woofer. The three units consist of Philips branding. He is a black colored speaker.

Philips MMS 4545 Display

It has a polycarbonate body which is hard enough and gives good durability. The LED display is available which shows the working mode. The USB and the SD card slots are present on the woofer. The buttons are cute, rounded and small. The Philips speaker offers great connectivity and gives amazing sound. The dimensions of the speaker are W105 * H170 * D80 inches and the dimensions of the woofer are W160 *H260 *D240 inches     


Philips MMS 4545B 2.1 is 40W sound output speaker. The speaker output is 2 x 10 W and the woofer output is 20W. This is a 2.1 home theater speaker suitable for desktops and laptops. The Bluetooth range of the device is 30ft or 10mts. The speaker doesn’t support Bluetooth speaker. The speaker supports SD card. It is compatible with DVD, TV or Mobile devices. One year manufacturer warranty is available.

Philips MMS 4545 Features

It has Aux-in, Stereo Input / Output Jacks connectivities. The power source of the device is AC adapter. Power ON/OFF indicator is available. Remote control is not available. Control buttons Pause, Forward, Rewind, Mode, and Rotary Volume are available. It consumes only 7W power.


Bluetooth speakers are the latest trending in the music world, just connect your device to the speaker via Bluetooth and play without worrying about the hazels of the wires. The speakers can be connected to all type of Bluetooth devices and easy to operate. It is additionally provided with USB and SD card slots for greater flexibility.

These long-lasting speakers give you a remarkable music experience with exceptional sound quality. The speaker is designed to give the best bass effect you have ever seen. I would say this is one of the best products from the Philips. And this is the top notch quality you would get at this price. The speaker works perfectly in all the modes.


Get this trending Philips MMS 4545B 2.1 Bluetooth speaker and enjoy a wide variety of music with amazing details and rich bass. This is perfect for all gamers and you can party in your home itself. So get this speaker and start partying all the week. The price range of the device is just around Rs 3K which is in the affordable range. You can buy this product in Snap deal as well as Flipkart which offers the best buy and safe buy.

Philips MMS-4545B 2.1 Speaker System Full Specifications

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