Philips MMS-1400 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Rs. 2490.00 (approx)
Rs. 1475.00 (approx)
Rs. 1475.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The box contents are 1 woofer, 2satellite, 1remote, 1manual, 1cable-2rca, 1 cable-Fm. The color of the device is black.

If you are in search of a resourceful sound system which is compatible with various multimedia devices. Which should also look beautiful than this speaker may be your choice. Philips MMS 1400 speaker consists of a great sound experience. It is complemented with fabulous features like Surround Sound and USB Connectivity. The device is compatible with most multimedia devices such as a laptop, desktop, mobile, TV and also has FM Radio for listening to your favorite tunes. The speaker avails a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


The Philips MMS 1400 looks very small. The speaker has a very sleek and portable design which fits anywhere and easy to move around. The dimensions of the subwoofer are W160 X H260 X D240 and the satellite is W105 X H170 X D80. The Speaker System is a sleek and compact sound system which comes with a Subwoofer and 2 portable stereo speakers which have a matte finish body.

MMS 1400(1).jpg

The color of the speaker is black in color and matches to all devices. Inbuilt speaker is available. The amplifier is at the back. All the connectivities come to the back and the wires are also very thin. The look of the speaker is decent enough at this price. The built quality is also fine. The control buttons are black in color which is placed on a panel along with the LED light.

There is also a USB slot. The branding of Philips is available on the Woofer as well as satellite speakers. The satellite speakers were too small. The overall look is ok in this price segment.


Philips MMS 1400 is a small 2.1 home theater speaker with 10W RMS output (2 x 2.5W) and the subwoofer output is 5W. The speaker consists of one woofer and two satellite speakers. The speaker supports SD card. It is compatible with TV and audio player. It has Aux-in, Stereo Input / Output Jacks connectivities. The power source of the device is AC adapter. Built in radio is available. The box contents are 1 woofer, 2satellite, 1remote, 1manual, 1cable-2rca, 1 cable-Fm. The color of the device is black.

MMS 1400 Jack view

It provided with control buttons such as Power on/off, Volume, Previous, Next, Play/Pause. The operating power requirement of the speaker is AC 100- 240V, 50/60 Hz. The built-in FM tuner makes sure you enjoy beautiful songs from your favorite radio station. It comes with a USB jack which allows you to connect all your multimedia devices very easily and enjoy theater experience at you home.

The speaker has rich bass radiators with a perfect output which enable small speakers to reproduce bass frequencies more efficiently deprived of having to increase their size.  With the given provided memory card slot you can play all your favorite songs instantly by just inserting the SD card. Enjoy all the high-end sound quality with this amazing Philips sound system. The speaker is mostly suitable for homes. 


The Philips MMS 1400 2.1 Speaker System has great compatibility and can be connected to many devices such as TV, DVD players, Music system, PC, Laptop as well as Mp3/Mp4 players. The price range of the device is also affordable by many. The Best Buy price of the Philips MMS 1400 2.1 Speaker System is RS 2490/- only.  

Philips MMS-1400 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Full Specifications

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