Panasonic NR-BS63VNX Side by Side 630 Ltr Refrigerator

Rs. 220000.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • 5 star rating, 630 liters capacity, 3 toughened glass shelves


Panasonic is one of the globe largest electronicsmanufacturing company and that offers a wide range of products including homeappliances like refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, personalcomputers, mobile phones etc.

NR-BS63VNX is a side by side refrigerator thathas implements freezer is one side and the refrigerator is placed on other sideand the defrosting type of Panasonic machine is assisted with frost free orautomatic defrosting. The dimension of this fridge is arrived in 905 x 710 x1850 mm with a capacity of cache is 561Liters.


This fridge has inserts 3 racks that arefabricated with Toughened Glass shelves and the handle type of this applianceis enabled with Home Bar. Panasonic NR-BS63VNX refrigerator is displayed instainless steel colour. 


Thisfridge packs with two individualistic evaporators on both chambers, thisbenefit is mainly the user opens the freezer portion, chilled air is flowedoutside in these section but not pass to refrigerator air into outside and not entering external air into inside forkeeping discrete cooling in refrigerator and freezer portions that regulatesheavy temperature and moisture levels in two sections so it preserves healthyand nutrition food for extensive period of time. This technology offers energysaving and it maintains high humidity levels, high cooling power. 

Ifthe appliance is running on 24-hours a day or non-stop so it releases moreenergy, your current bill is also certainly increased. The Panasonic Companyhas responded toovercome this problem that is Econavi inverter technology to provide wide rangeof benefits such as higher energy efficiency and this also helps on saving yourelectricity bills.

ThePanasonic has produces Hygiene active system, this is a union of technologies such as Silver ions, water mist,blue led lights and the main aim is designed for protecting food from harm fullbacteria and eliminating odours in your refrigerator.

Itincludes Door lock Functionality, prevents the continuously door opening from your children. This technology willhelps cooling air is not flow into outside environment and your food items orsnacks, chocolates are protected from kids.

Refrigeratorshas contains 3 cases for storing your favourite food items at different temperature levels.

Upper case-00C zone for storing non vegetables atlow temperatures and maintains high humidity levels.

middle case-20C zone for storing leafy vegetablesat low temperatures and obtains high humidity levels.

lower case-50C zone for saving fruits & rootvegetables at high temperature and gains high humidity levels.

Thisfridge interior has permits LED lights as it displays your food items inravishing on internal side.

Therefrigerator has offers environment friendly and no harm to ozone layer by using the R600aRefrigerant.


This device cost is nearly Rs.2,20,000 availablein India.

Energy star:

This fridge permits a 5 star energy star.


*Econavi Inverter technology.

*Hygiene Active System.

*easy to store and items are placed properly andmaintains secured in position.


*No water or ice dispenser.

* 5 years compressor warranty.


Panasonic NR-BS63VNX fridge cost is veryexpensive but we can store plenty of food items and provides space is more.Whenever the fridge is opened in long time the user absorbs admirable smell andeliminates bad odours in your fridge also maintains your food in clean andfresh because you obtain in on the machine is Hygienic Deoridirizer ActiveSystem. 

Panasonic NR-BS63VNX Side by Side 630 Ltr Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Panasonic
Model Name Panasonic NR-BS63VNX Side by Side 630 L Refrigerator
Model ID Panasonic NR-BS63VNX
Star Rating 5 Star
Deodorizer Type N/A
Capacity 630 L
Type Side by Side
No of Doors 2
Body Features
Shelf Material Toughened Glass
Door Handle N/A
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 3
Egg Tray N/A
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight 106 Kg
Net Height 1850 mm
Net Depth 710 mm
Net Width 905 mm
Other Features
Other Features N/A
Warranty 1 Year Warranty on the Refrigerator and 5 Years on

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