Medulla U8 Android Smartwatch

Rs. 875.00 (approx)
Rs. 699.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •  -1.44 inch TFT display

    -128 MB RAM; 128 MB ROM
    -Bluetooth V3.0, operating range 10 M

Medulla U8 Smartwatch is the best-known wearable smart device. Almost everybody has at least heard of a smartwatch if not seen one. Smartwatches are big on convenience. Receiving notifications and acting on them with just a flick of a wrist without even touching the phone is a great convenience indeed.

This is what got the smart watches going in the first place.The Medulla U8 is one of the more affordable smartwatches available in the market today. It is available Price at Rs. 875/- in online stores and it is packed with useful features which make this a good value for money.


·         1.44 inch TFT display (128 X 128 pixels); touch-screen.

·         MTK6261 processor running at 360 MHz.

·         128 MB RAM; 128 MB ROM.

·         Bluetooth V3.0; operating range 10 M.

·         Dimensions: Width 47 mm; Thickness 9.9; Weight 42.5 Gms.

·         Rechargeable Li-po battery, 230mAh.

·         Rectangular Dial, Rubber Straps.

·         4 hours talk-time, 168 hours stand-by.

·         Other Features:

·         Make and Receive Calls

·         Check Call Logs

·         Read Messages

·         Calendar

·         Alarm

·         Stopwatch

·         Fitness Tracker

·         Sleep Monitor

·         Sedentary Reminder

·         Pedometer

·         Sound Recorder


ü  Receives calls and messages via Bluetooth.

ü  Health tracking features.

ü  Water resistant.


û  No video camera.


·         Medulla U8 Smart Watch

·         Charging Cable

·         User Manual


The Medulla U8 sports a rectangular dial and adjustable rubber straps. It is available in red, white and black colors with matching dials and straps. The design is reminiscent of chunky digital watches which were popular in the 80s. There are three capacitive-touch Android buttons below the display. There is only one physical button, the power on and off button, on the right edge of the watch. The button is finished in chrome and provides a nice contrast to the red and black colors while it blends on the white colors watch.

Medulla U8 Android Smartwatch review

The loudspeaker and the microphone are situated on the right edge of the watch and are useful while making and receiving calls via the smart watch. Nestled between them is a Micro-USB port covered with a rubber flap which is used for charging the smart watch. The rubber strap features the buckle system for locking.


Medulla U8 Android Smartwatch Specifications

The display of the Medulla U8 is a 1.44-inch touch screen TFT panel sporting a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. The resolution is decent for the size; though not crisp, it gets the job done. Colour reproduction is decent and brightness is strictly ok. The display is not easy to read outdoors in direct sunlight and this hinders the usage while exercising in the open.


The Medulla U8 pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth and is able to make and receive calls using the smart phone’s SIM card. All the fitness tracking features built into the watch give it ample utility at a very sane price point. This makes the watch very useful in day-to-day tasks and also while indulging in fitness activities.

Medulla U8 Android Smartwatch Specifications Price

More often than not, the watch needs to be recharged once in the evening in order to make it through to the end of the day. This, coupled with a mediocre display pull the smart watch back slightly on the utility meter.

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The Medulla U8 is clearly a budget offering aimed mostly at students and first-time smart watch buyers. While it may not have some features offered by other smart watches, it certainly carries enough features within to justify its tag as a smart watch as well as the price tag. For its price, it is good value for money.


·         Performance: 3 Stars.

·         Value for Money: 3 Stars.

Medulla U8 Android Smartwatch Full Specifications

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