LG JS-Q24PWXA 2.0 Ton 3-Star Split AC

Rs. 54790.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  •        3 Star energy rating.

    ü LED display on the indoor unit.

    ü Dual Inverter Compressor

    ü Himalaya Cooling Technology.

    ü Monsoon Comfort Technology.

    ü Sleep Mode.


Pollution is an ever-growing health threat in India. In these polluted times, the air-conditioner has become like a basic necessity rather than being an indulgence. The AC’s nowadays are equipped with various filters which help scrub the air clean of pollutants and effluents. LG Air Conditioner is one of the trusted names in home appliances and they provide reliable cooling solutions. The LG JS-Q24PWXA is a 2.0 Ton 3-star split air-conditioner with a dual inverter compressor and Himalaya Cool feature.

LG JSQ24PWXA 3 Star Split AC features

The dual inverter compressor takes care of improper cooling issues and noise problems, which result in a quieter air conditioner that cools faster and lasts longer. The LG JS-Q24PWXA is available at a price of Rs. 54,330/-in online stores. Let us take an in-depth look at this air-conditioner in this review.


The LG JS-Q24PWXA is big 2.0 Ton split AC which offers nothing new in the way of design or construction. The outdoor unit is a regular box-shaped compressor unit which is made out of metal and painted in white colour. This design and colour choice helps it to cope with the harsh outdoor elements in a better manner. It is a well-insulated unit with thick insulation which reduces the vibrations and noise quite considerably. The indoor unit is made of strong ABS plastic which sports the white colour with a gold coloured strip passing through the entire width of the body.

LG JS-Q24PWXA 2.0 Ton 3-Star Split AC review

The design is the easily-recognizable elongated box which pushes air out through swinging vents at the bottom. There is an LED display, tight next to the vents, which shows the set temperature on the AC. There’s LG logo featured quite prominently in the centre with Dual Inverter branding at the right side of the front face. There is no design on the face. This minimalism in design gives it a sleek, sophisticated look. The outdoor unit weighs in at 39kg and the indoor unit weights 12kg. The design review of the LG JS-Q24PWXA brings out its minimalistic design elements.


The LG JS-Q24PWXA carries a 3-Star BEE Rating for efficiency which means that it is one of the more energy-efficient air-conditioners available to buy. Its cooling capacity is rated at 6200W and it has an air-flow rate of 600CFM. It features a dual inverter compressor solves issues like improper cooling and noisy operation. What it gives is a quieter AC which cools faster and lasts longer. The Himalaya Cool Technology from LG promises instant cooling as soon as the AC is switched on. LG claims that users will feel as cool as in the Himalayas at the touch of a button. The Monsoon Comfort Technology provides the right type of cooling during monsoon when the humidity in the atmosphere is at an all-time high. When compared with other air-conditioners, the LG JS-Q24PWXA saves up to 34.6% energy by preventing overcooling.

LG JS-Q24PWXA 2.0 Ton 3-Star Split AC perfomance

The Auto Clean feature dries the wet heat exchanger internally which prevents mould and bacteria from growing inside the AC. With an operating range of 145V - 290V, it does not require a stabilizer in its day-to-day operations. LG claims that when the Sleep Mode is activated, its unique microprocessor automatically adjusts the room temperature to match the body’s metabolism rate during sleep hours. This achieves two objectives; it gives a comfortable sleeping environment and saves energy at the same time. The performance review of the LG JS-Q24PWXA brings out its best features and highlights the conveniences of this air-conditioner.

Inside the box:

·        LG JS-Q24PWXA Main Unit

·        LG JS-Q24PWXA Blower Unit

·        Remote Control (Batteries included)

·        Connecting Pipes and Wires

·        User Manual

·        Warranty Card


ü 3 Star energy rating.

ü LED display on the indoor unit.

ü Dual Inverter Compressor

ü Himalaya Cooling Technology.

ü Monsoon Comfort Technology.

ü Sleep Mode.

Cons: None


The overall review of the LG JS-Q24PWXA makes it clear that it is a consistent and energy-efficient performer. The dual inverter compressor works silently and efficiently to deliver a powerful performance. All of these features are backed with a 10-year warranty on the compressor. It give excellent value for the buyer’s money.


·        Performance: 4 Stars.

·        Value for Money: 4 Stars.

LG JS-Q24PWXA 2.0 Ton 3-Star Split AC Full Specifications

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