LG JS-Q24NPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC

Rs. 51500.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        2T capacity

    ·        dual inverter compressor

    ·        Himalaya cool feature

    ·        auto clean feature

    ·        a digital display panel 

LG JS-Q24NPXA Inverter Split AC cools your room diligently with smart technologies.

After an arduous and ardent work, you all need a little fresh air coupled with cool air. So, ACs are the best to meet your demands at the spur of the moment. With legion new features and technologies, smart ACs have come along so high that you get clutched to buy in the best ACs that you hanker for. The best smart ACs in India is synonymous with the best features in the market. Hence, LG being one of the most famous brands in offering the best split-ACs in India has this new model talking with great features. Get the detailed specs and features of LG JS-Q24NPXA Inverter Split AC in this review.

LG JS-Q24NPXA Inverter Split AC Specs:

LG's dual inverter AC is packed with many features and fast cooling being one of the priorities in this AC. It holds a capacity of 2T which is convenient for large-sized rooms. LG is considered to offer one of the best inverter ACs in India and this time, in this model it comes with a dual inverter compressor where it strives to reduce any improper cooling and also shoes-away the noise problems in this smart AC. It runs silently giving sound coolness and also faster cooling that you never experienced. It doesn't stammer your sleep as it will be devoid of noise and the best part is that it assures of its quality by giving 10-year warranty to all the consumers to enjoy the benefits of LG. It gives faster cooling with more energy saving! So, users can benefit with this high-end smart AC and the dual inverter compressor present it.

LG JS-Q24NPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC design

The indoor dimensions of this LG split AC is 1090 x 300 x 218mm with a weight of 12kgs and the outdoor dimensions come with 870 x 655 x 322mm coupled with a weight of 39kg. And, it comes with a digital display panel where you could track the temperatures on the screen easily. It comes with aluminium rather the copper condenser. Want to enjoy the immediate cooling after a strenuous day? The Himalaya cool feature in this LG inverter Split-AC gives assurance to cool your room in a fraction of seconds with just a single tap. It will make you feel as if you are present in the Himalayas and ensures the fastest cooling.

 LG JS-Q24NPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC features

If you want the right cooling during monsoon or high humidity, then this monsoon comfort technology will do all the work for you. If you feel the extra coolness, then it will reduce the overcooling and saves energy up to 36.4% compared to the conventional dehumidification mode in other air conditioners. So, this 2T LG split AC is termed as the energy saver which maximizes energy savings. Rather than the traditional ACs, this LG split AC's auto clean feature ensures that the AC is free from bacteria or germs. It cleans the AC dextrously without your help.

 LG JS-Q24NPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC specs

There is also an ON/OFF timer where you can set the time whenever you want to ON/OFF the AC for an uninterrupted sleep. To ensure a deep sleep and for undisturbing nights, the sleep mode in this split AC lets you sleep unceasingly without any hindrance and adjusts your room temperature according to the ambient temperature of your room. And, this feature also helps in saving the energy to the maxim and ensuring the most comfortable sleep. The cooling capacity of this smart AC is     6200W with a rotatory compressor. With 3-star rating, it saves you from the high electricity bills and doesn't put a hole in your pocket.

The inverter LG split AC price in India is Rs. 54,790 and is available in white colour.


·        2T capacity

·        dual inverter compressor

·        Himalaya cool feature

·        auto clean feature

·        a digital display panel

·        3-star rating

·        ON/OFF timer

·        6200W cooling capacity

·        sleep mode


This 3-star LG split AC has made it big with the salient features. Had it used the copper condenser, it would be the best split AC with a full rating. But, having used the aluminium, it has little lost its track. However, keeping aside that one little issue, the features are best and it has done its best in bringing out the first-class technologies. 

LG JS-Q24NPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Inverter Split AC Full Specifications

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