LG JS-Q24BPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Split Air Conditioner

Rs. 47890.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        2T capacity

    ·        dual inverter compressor

    ·        Himalaya cool technology

    ·        cooling capacity 6200 watts 

 LG JS-Q24BPXA Split Air Conditioner: This smart AC comes with E-saver technologies!

Split ACs have been an enormous belief of comforts and reliableness. It has tremendously made every individual go over the moon to experience the royal cooling after a great hectic day. It was just after many models evolving from different companies, it has made the people let their hair down after a tireless and scorching sun heat. LG split ACs have brought out ample models and each model came up with scintillating features. As every model came up, it has made assurance to cool you and make as if you are in a Switzerland. LG's, yet another split AC model LG JS-Q24BPXA 2 Ton Split Air Conditioner has got down with eye-grabbing features. Check out the specs and features in the below review.

LG JS-Q24BPXA Split Air Conditioner Specs:

This LG split AC holds a capacity of 2T and bears the outer dimension of 1090 x 300 x 218mm with a weight of 12kgs while the inner dimension is 870 x 655 x 322mm with a weight of 39kgs. This LG Air conditioner solves all your problems and right from the improper cooling to any noise problems, this AC is there to do wonders as it comes with dual inverter compressor. It lasts longer, detects the improper cooling, ensures the fast cooling without any noise. So, you can sleep without any noise pollution from the AC. It has an indoor noise level of 34dB. This dual inverter compressor will assure you of the quality as it comes with 10 years of warranty and you can ardently enjoy the benefits of LG air conditioner. Due to the improper cooling, you might undergo high electricity bills and this AC will save you from the bills and also it saves the energy than you expect.

 LG JS-Q24BPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Split Air Conditioner design

The unique Himalaya cool technology will make you as cool as you never heeded. With just a single touch, you will get the requisite cooling ness and you will feel like you are in the Himalayas. Hence, this technology is termed as the Himalaya cool technology due to its unique cooling formula. After a burdensome work, you need a bit relaxation from the stuff, so this technology will give you the immediately required cooling than before. If you are uncomfortable with the cold air, then this monsoon comfort technology provides the right cooling and will beat the high humidity. Compared to the conventional split ACs, this 2T split AC will make you go bonkers as it prevents overcooling and saves the energy up to 36.4% with the dehumidification mode. And, yes, it will handsomely save your electricity bills.

The LG 2T split AC offers a cooling capacity of 6200 watts which comes with a rotatory compressor. The Auto clean feature in this LG AC will make your AC free from bacteria and germs. It won't replicate the bacteria instead, it kills and automatically imbibes the quality of cleaning the AC.

 LG JS-Q24BPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Split Air Conditioner features

With the ON/OFF timer, you can adjust your timings like when to ON/ OFF the AC without disturbing your sleep. So, never worry about the sleep! And, the sleep mode feature automatically adjusts the room temperature to make sure you sleep well without any interruption. It will match your body metabolism rate during sleep hours and it facilely adjusts the room temperature without your pint of knowing it. With an Auto-Restart option, you can never worry about the post power cut settings as it will automatically adjust the settings.

 LG JS-Q24BPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Split Air Conditioner specs

This dual inverter split AC comes with 3-star rating in an accomplice to save your high-flown bills that you are fed up with and it will save the required energy. It comes with digital display panel where it adds some extra elegance to the look. The 3-star LG split AC price in India is Rs. 54,790.


·        2T capacity

·        dual inverter compressor

·        Himalaya cool technology

·        cooling capacity 6200 watts

·        Auto clean feature

·        ON/OFF timer

·        indoor noise level -34dB

·        sleep mode

·        Auto-Restart

·        3-star rating


This LG inverter split AC has got beguiling features but the price is a little high for the features it offered. Had it been less, it would have come out as a different piece. However, all the people are hankering for 3 star split ACs, and needless to say, it is worth it. 

LG JS-Q24BPXA 2 Ton 3-Star Split Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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