LG JS-Q18NUXA Split Air Conditioner 1.5T (White )

Rs. 39306.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

 Many split air conditioners in India are striving to etch a print as the best split air conditioners in India but LG has always taken a step high to lead its place. LG has more hype over air-conditioners than any other home appliances. It is known to release the basic appliances at its best that are more applicable to an individual. The quality and quality that it offers is no less than the top AC manufacturers. LG is one of the popular AC brands in India offering inestimable features. With its gleamy and comfy features, it has been our lovable brand for many years. LG, a brand itself that is self-explanatory in all aspects. It is well-known for split air conditioners.

LG JS-Q18NUXA 1.5 Tonne split AC has come to India to cool your tiny space and give a Himalaya feel. It comes with Dual inverter compressor bearing 10 years warranty. It solves all your problems at the nick of your time. If you face any improper cooling, or you detect any noise, and this best dual inverter compressor solves all these issues. Not just this, you can experience more coolness, and quickness in performance than any other before. With whooping 10 years of warranty, it promises you to stay a longer time with you with no hindrances.

LG JS-Q18NUXA Split Air Conditioner 1.5T Specs

LG JS-Q18NUXA Split Air Conditioner 1.5T

This LG smart inverter split AC sports a super cool feature i.e; Himalaya Cool. Wanna experience Himalaya at your own place with one tap? Then, Himalaya cool feature will fulfill your wish in your desirable way. In a jiffy, you can experience the coolness with this powerful feature with a just single tap. Cool right?

Can't resist too much coldness? Don't worry! There's another feature in store for you that can control the temperature i.e; Monsoon Comfort technology. With this super smart technology, you can experience the right and desirable cooling during monsoon season. It curbs over cooling and saves energy up to 36.4%. It also helps in reducing your high electricity bills.

LG JS-Q18NUXA Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Tonne

With an Auto clean feature, you can eradicate any dust particles and any bacteria that might effect you. Other features like On/off timer, sleep mode also exist in this LG Split AC. With sleep mode, you can let your hair down as it does so much work for while you are asleep. It adjusts the room temperature to match the metabolism rate of your body. And, with stabilizer free operation, power fluctuations within the range of 145-290 V can be prevented. This LG split AC price in India is Rs. 46,790.


· Himalaya Cool

· Dual inverter compressor

· Monsoon Comfort technology


· Over-priced

LG JS-Q18NUXA Split Air Conditioner 1.5T White Full Specifications

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