LG GL-B181RRLU Single Door 3-star Refrigerator

Rs. 11890.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        lattice-type box

    ·        anti-bacterial gasket

    ·        Recess handle type

    ·        3-star rating

    ·        without stabilizer

 LG GL-B181RRLU Single Door Refrigerator is fastest in Ice Making!

Refrigerators are the nitty-gritty part of our life. It has enhanced our living style with smartness instilled. Smart fridges drive closely to the coolness and freshness. Whatever food you buy, you want to store it in a place where you could extricate from staleness and revive the freshness. It is all possible with the refrigerator where it could make sure to keep your food and beverages all along fresh and neat. The budget single door fridges are coming up with features that are not superfluous but requisite in terms.  Prodigiously stored and indigenously cooled, LG GL-B181RRLU Single door refrigerator got your nerves and let's hit the specs and features in this detailed overview.

LG GL-B181RRLU Refrigerator Specs and features

Holding a capacity of 185L, this LG fridge comes with a single door. It sports dimensions of 1147x538x590mm. Whenever we opt for a fridge, our focus will be on how fast the ice can be made. And, with this smart fridge, you don't need to be jittery as it makes 20% faster ice with a designed patented ice tray. It doesn't put extra load on the compressor and it gives the ice cubes in a jiffy without pushing out any button. So, if any relatives or friends are on-the-go and you have to hurry with the cool drinks, then be in a form as this fridge makes the fastest ice cubes that you never expected.

 LG GL-B181RRLU Refrigirator Specs 02

A lattice-type box is present in the fridge which helps in maintaining the moisture at the optimum level. Any vegetables or fruits can be kept in that special box to maintain the levels in keeping the food alive. You can keep the food in the storage without any second thought as it maintains the correct moisture in the box than the conventional fridges. Worried about the load? No, you can't, as this LG fridge comes with load-bearing wire shelves that comprise of 2 shelves.  Never worry about the weight too as it holds a capacity of 185 L where all your favorite food and vegetables can easily sit in the fridge. It also has an anti-bacterial gasket to extricate from the bacteria entering the fridge.

LG GL-B181RRLU Refrigirator Specs

You will have a separate vegetable basket in this 185 L LG fridge to store all your vegetables so that you don't tangle with the other eatables in the fridge. It holds a capacity of 96L. So, handful vegetables can be stored in this basket with no grappling. This LG refrigerator can marvelously work without any stabilizer. It can withstand voltage fluctuation from 135V to 290V. It doesn't stammer the cooling and instead, provides the uniform cooling even with the high voltage fluctuations. So, keep you worry at bay as you don't need to spend more bucks on the stabilizer as this fridge works dexterously without any stabilizer.

LG GL-B181RRLU Refrigirator  specs

There is a door lock where it uses the Recess handle type to open the door with no obstacle. So, you don't need to worry about your children persistently opening the door and grabbing ice creams or other beverages. You can keep your food and drinks safe with this lock. The more your stars, the more your savings and this LG single door fridge comes with 3-star rating and it reduces the electricity bills and saves your energy to the maximum. The 3-star LG single door refrigerator price in India is Rs. 12,440 and is available in only one colour, i;e; Ruby Luster.


·        185 L capacity

·        20% faster ice

·        lattice-type box

·        anti-bacterial gasket

·        Recess handle type

·        3-star rating

·        without stabilizer


This budget LG single door fridge makes the best use of the ice tray and as the 3-star rating erupts, it doesn't make you dejected of the high bills. This single door fridge could have borne out more features to keep it as the best. Though many opt for double-door fridges, this single door fridge is no less of a worthy fridge. 

LG GL-B181RRLU Single Door 3-star Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name LG
Model Name LG GL-B181RRLU Single Door 3-star Refrigerator
Model ID GL-B181RRLU
Star Rating
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Freezer Features
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Other Features
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