LG GC-B207GLQV Side by Side 581L Refrigerator

Rs. 70000.00 (approx)
Rs. 73890.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • 4 star rating, Double door refrigirator, 581 liters capacity3 shelves, Tempered glass

LG GC-B207G is a side by side refrigerator that means freezer is arranged on left and refrigerator position is displaced right side. This has a 581Liters capacity of storage and the defrosting type of this appliance is boosted with frost free mechanism. We can store conveniently of variety food items like chocolates, milk, non-vegetable food items and green vegetables, cake, pizza etc. Dimensions of this fridge are arrived on 731x894x1753 mm.

It provides Fantastic highlight features such as Inverter Linear Compressor that an offer  Energy saving-Less energy consumption. Longer freshness-maintains balanced temperature. Less noise- It boasts 1 friction point. Durability-10 year warranty on the compressor.


ThisFreezer section includes 4 Tempered Glass shelves, 5 Door Bins, 2 Drawers and refrigerator compartment has involves 3 Tempered Glass Shelf, 4 Door Bins, 2Plastic Drawers. LG GC-B207G refrigerator outer body is finished with platinum silver that looks very attractive in your kitchen room.


Inside this fridge maintains within right moisture levels and your vegetables are keep to be fresh up for a long period of time. This feature is very useful for you because to overcome day-to -day traveling into the market.

It has supports Deodorizer functionality it can eliminate odors, decomposition smells in your refrigerator and to retrain fresh and cool. It maintains your health safe and eats taste food products.

This appliance has assisted with Multi-Air Flow cooling Technology which allows trickling of cooling air on throughout the shelves in your freezer and refrigerator sections and to maintain long lasting freshness of food.

In the interior of LG appliance, it flaunts a LED Lamp for easy to recognize which food items you have placed in the fridge and freezer compartments. When you open your fridge door as it activated the inner light on your refrigerator which gives bright light for viewing and checking of dried up food items in low light situations and uses less energy.

This fridge provides an appealing model such as Express Freeze method, we need ice in small kiddie and birthday parties this feature is very helpful for you because the freeze mode makes a huge amount of ice by time settings method. Mounting time is over, automatically the mode is turned off.

Lg fridge is bunched with Triple Twisted Ice Tray so we can take more ice cubes on any simple functions by using this Tray.

In the Exterior it displays LED control, this is operated in completely at your fingertips. The main purpose of this design is cooling air is not flowing into the outside so the food items maintain longer freshness., on the outer side, we can set these levels of freezer and fridge, express freezer models without open to your fridge door.

LGhas equipped with Digital Multi Sensors that means it monitors both internal and external temperatures so it controls heavy temperature planes. By using this, we can adjust the temperature levels and respond of placing on warm and cold food products in a fridge.

We can store butter, cheese, milk etc in dairy corner container and also contain child lock for preventing your kids from opening and closing fridge simultaneously.

It also built-in  Open Door Alarm because our fridge door is opened in too long or that the door has not been closed properly so it wastes more energy and raises the temperature after spoiling the nutrition food. It also prevents cooling loss but also saves electricity.  Once this alarm is used as to prevent these types of problems because the alarm informs alert warnings for you.


LGGC-B207GLQV cost is RS 84,000 available in India.

Energy star:

It comes with 4 energy star.


We got the whole product in the 1b year + 9-year warranty on the compressor.



ExteriorLED display.


Water and Ice Dispenser.

Can Rack.

Wine Rack.


 LG has provides Fantastic highlight feature such as Inverter Linear Compressor that an offer   Energy saving, Longerfreshness, Less noise, Durability. This fridge does not have Water and icedispenser.

LG GC-B207GLQV Side by Side 581L Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name LG
Model Name LG GC-B207GLQV Side by Side 581L Refrigerator
Model ID GC-B207GLQV
Star Rating 4 Star
Deodorizer Type Yes
Capacity 581 L
Type Side by Side
No of Doors 2
Body Features
Shelf Material Tempered Glass
Door Handle Yes
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 3
Egg Tray N/A
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight N/A
Net Height 1753
Net Depth 731
Net Width 894
Other Features
Warranty 10 Year

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