LG BSA12MAYD 1Ton Smart Inverter Split AC

Rs. 40222.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        1.0T

    ·        smart inverter compressor

    ·        Mosquito Away technology

 LG BSA12MAYD smart inverter AC: Smart inverter compressor| Mosquito Away technology| micro dust filtration system | Active energy control

Life is always good when you opt for LG products. It's newbie technologies and innovations are always to hanker for as it is valiant enough to bring out the fresh features that no one erupted with. If you can remember, it is only LG that has brought WebOS in the TV genre and Mosquito away technology in the mobile phones and split ACs. So, experimenting with new technologies is just a piece of cake for LG. It has unveiled many models with the technologies and LG BSA12MAYD smart inverter AC being one of them. LG has tremendously shown a great deal for the consumers in bringing out the budget inverter ACs.

LG BSA12MAYD split AC Specs

This smart AC comes with a capacity of 1.0T that is a great fit for small-sized rooms to get the desired cooling. It features a smart inverter compressor that comes with variable tonnage. It ensures the faster cooling and saves maximum energy. It will promise you to abide by you by giving the 10-year warranty of the compressor where you can enjoy the maximum benefits of the product for a longer period of time.

LG BSA12MAYD 1Ton Smart Inverter Split AC design

It is India's only air-conditioner that brought out this Mosquito Away technology. It is one step forward in protecting your family than other conventional ACs.  It will protect your family from mosquito-borne diseases. With the vigorous research, this revolutionary technology has come out with pride. It is not at all harmful to the humans as it cannot detect the sound emitted by the optimal ultrasonic wave range. The ultrasonic wave sound is not at all venomous to the humans and is 100% safe but not safe for the mosquitoes though! It will shoo-away the mosquitoes in a jiffy and will give you a good sleep all through. It is also free from odour and harmful chemicals.

 LG BSA12MAYD 1Ton Smart Inverter Split AC features

The active energy control of this 1T smart inverter AC will save your bills and the energy too. It detects the activity level in the room and cools the room accordingly by giving more energy savings with just a click. The micro dust filtration system of this smart inverter AC will keep all the dust particles and allergens at bay and ensures you to stay in a healthy space and hygiene environment. So, you'll never have to suffer from the allergies that cause by the dust in the AC. The monsoon comfort technology provides and maintains the right cooling during the monsoon season. If you are uneasy with the cold air, it will prevent overcooling and saves a whopping energy up to 36.4%. Compared to the conventional dehumidification mode, it will save the maximum energy and the bills.

 LG BSA12MAYD 1Ton Smart Inverter Split AC specs

The ON/OFF timer of the LG inverter AC will let you have an uninterrupted sleep by setting a timer before you sleep. You don't have to wake up in the nights and disturb your sleep to ON/OFF the AC as it will automatically set the timer when you do it before you go to bed. The cooling capacity of this 1T LG inverter split AC is 3,517watts and it comes with a Rotary - R410A compressor. A sleep mode feature in it automatically adjusts the temperature according to the ambient temperature of your body with the unique processors. This LG smart AC comes with a 4-star rating which doesn't burn your pockets. The indoor dimension of this LG inverter split AC is 837x302x189mm with a weight of 8.5kg and the outdoor dimension is 720 x 500 x 270mm coupled with a weight of 23.5kg. The LG inverter AC price in India is Rs.48990


·        1.0T

·        smart inverter compressor

·        Mosquito Away technology

·        micro dust filtration system

·        Active energy control

·        3,517watts cooling capacity

·        Rotary - R410A compressor


 The smart inverter ACs are in high range now by deliberately bringing the energy saving modes and this model too strived to accentuate the faster cooling and power saving. Each feature in it blooms to give you the desirable modes you want and that too at an affordable price, it is worth it! 

LG BSA12MAYD 1Ton Smart Inverter Split AC Full Specifications

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