Lenovo HW01 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor (Black )

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Lenovo HW01 Smart Fitness Band is solely launched only on Flipkart, the largest online store. Lenovo's smart band is a tough competitor to Xiaomi Mi band 2 and it has vigorously played the cards hard to beat the heat out. Nowadays smart bands and smartwatches are playing hand-in-hand in the market chalking out the conventional bands.  

Lenovo smart band comes with 0.91-inch OLED display and serves a dynamic heart-rate sensor. It comes with a display resolution of 128 x 32 pixels and it weighs around 22g. This smart band is made of silicon. It works in two modes, they are regular and sports mode. In a regular mode, you need to set the band to know your heart-rate at limited intervals of time throughout the day whereas the sports mode is an automatic process where it detects your heart-rate every 15 minutes. It also makes you alert when your heart attains the desirable outset.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor Specs


Lenovo HW01 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor Specs

This smart band is not just helpful in monitoring the quality of your sleep but also it alerts if you tend to doze off at an appropriate time with the anti-sleep mode. It also acts a life-saver if you dare to lose your concentration while driving.

This digital smart band is compatible with both Android & iOS devices. It also has an amazing feature i.e; it won't let you miss out any message, email, call, Facebook or WhatsApp notifications and it alerts you every moment when needed but there are some issues that lets this feature stoop down little.

Lenovo smart fitness band keeps track of your sleeping pattern and it dexterously identifies your deep sleep and light sleep. It also tracks the hours of your sleep and number of times you wake up at night. Social sharing, capturing photos and controlling the music, everything is possible with this Lenovo HW01 smart band.

The third-part sign-on is a great feature on this smart band. The interface in it is simpler and easy-on-go. Its low-power Bluetooth chip and 3-axis Accelerometer, it provides you with precise and accurate readings and also makes sure that the band is energy efficient. This band comes with water and corrosion resistant nature qualities. Lenovo smart band has been under vigorous tests and it proved its durability by withstanding in both hot and cold temperatures.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor


Lenovo HW01 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor Specs

This watch-like strap band is very easy and comfortable to wear on. It has a long battery life where it can survive for 5 days and it takes 1 hour 25 mins to charge fully. It uses micro USB port for charging under rubber flap and therefore it isn't a waterproof band. Lenovo HW01 Smart Fitness Band price on Flipkart is Rs. 1,799

The Lenovo HW01 smart band acts as your fitness mate. Your personal fitness mate makes your things go smoothly but however, it has indulged some flaws that are little demeaning this smart band. Overall, this smart band can be recommended to only fitness freaks and not for any other purpose. It has not really hiked a mark as anticipated.


· Lightweight

· heart rate monitor

· sleep monitor

· tough and durable

· long battery life


· Seldom you can't see the notifications due to disconnections.

· After an upgrade, it is not reliable.

· Sometimes it doesn't track your sleep.

· No waterproof.

Lenovo HW01 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor Black Full Specifications

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