Kelvinator KCE203 Single Door 190 Ltr Refrigerator

Quick Specs:


Kelvinatorhas developed in category of refrigerators in the year of past 1918’s so thiscompany have been makes with gorgeous machines based on their customerinnovative thing ideas. It has built single and double door fridges, alsowashing machines.

KCE203is a single door refrigerator with storage capacity has 190liters and thedefrosting type of this kelvinator appliance is claims at manual thawing. Thisfridge colour is parades with a Burgundy Red colour and also available in othercolour like Lotus Pink. 


Thisappliance shelves are betides wire shelf and it legalizes to passing of steepcooling on freezer compartment through refrigerator portion. The kelvinatorfridge isolation is accoutred with Thick PUF so it guards lingering cooling onthe interior side. This fridge external door is furnished with power coated/painted finish so it can’t permit in any finger print scratches because itrenders a scratch-proof resistant and has offers shiny look to your moderatekitchen hall.


Thisfridge interior has designed with opaque which gives stunning look from insideand that protects storage compartments from any kind of harmful rays or UVrays.

Ifthe fridge door has forms with bacteria or other germs so we eat the food inthat on refrigerator your health is blemish because the food is contaminatedwith harmful viruses so this issue prevents with the help of usingAnti-Bacterial Gasket that protects your fridge door from entering of bacteriaand to clean easily also fitted to back it position.

Itpacks Door lock facility for preventing the food products to eating anddrinking from your children.

Energy Star:

Thefridge is permits with lower power consumption and has been accredited with a 3star energy rating by BEE.


KelvinatorKCE203 appliance whole product has provides a 1 year warranty and theprestigious compressor is boasted with 4 years guarantee.


Thisfridge cost is Rs.10,500 available in India.



*Anti-BacterialDoor Gasket.



*Nohumidity controller.

*NoBase stand Drawer.


Thisfridge design is very affectionate and the price boasted in market withexceeding feasible. If the person, touch to the fridge with dirty fingers so itcan’t allow scratches and it displays glorious look our kitchen hall while weare placing on the fridge. This product is not having with a Base stand Drawerand Humidity Controller.

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