iMac Pro

Quick Specs:

  • ·        LED backlighting and IPS technology

    ·        27-inches with a massive 5K retina display

    ·        500 nits brightness

    ·        5120x2880pixel

    ·        18 cores

    ·        Radeon Pro Vega

 iMac, a Macintosh desktop computer designed and developed by Apple has gained enormous popularity among Apple lovers. It is a branded desktop which awaits mob outside the stores with its very release. It is a highly-qualified desktop which is a masterpiece in its own kind. The wait is over for the new iMac Pro. And, here comes the tour de force of the iMac. With the raging popularity with every release of its products, it has always flabbergasted us with its brilliant interface and the design. People crave and hanker for Apple products. The new iMac Pro is all set to ablaze you with the enticing features. It has come up with some stunning graphics, storage, memory etc.  A detailed specs and review is all you need to know before buying this iMac. So, here the features and the specs that are in-detail to assess the product.

iMac Pro Display

All the apple products are preeminent for their amazing display quality. It comes with a Glossy glass-covered widescreen and offers an aspect ratio of 16:9. It also comes with LED backlighting and IPS technology. The dimension of the iMac Pro is 51.6 cm × 65 cm × 20.3 cm and it weighs around 9.7kgs. iMac Pro display size is 27-inches with a massive 5K retina display coupled with 500 nits brightness. It offers a screen resolution of 5120x2880 pixel that supports billions of colors and gives 43% brighter colors that you've never seen before. It brings life to the colors which come with a P3 wide color. The photo comes as it is shot and it will be close to the nature's palette.

 iMac Pro Performance

The iMac Pro comes with three different processors, 8, 10, and 18 Xeon processors. 18 cores in an iMac might be unbelievable to you but it is a fact. It is relatively and deliberately a different type of kind that you'll never find in any other product. It comes with turbo boost speed up to 4.5GHz. This desktop is very flexible enough to handle multiple processors with single-thread performance. It has a cache memory of 42MB. Whatever you want to operate, with lightning speed, it boosts up your work like never before.

iMac Pro Graphics

The iMac Pro comes with a new graphics chip, Radeon Pro Vega that is three times faster than the previous iMac GPU. It bears the power of a double-wide graphics that is imbibed in a single chip and it comes with 8GB of HBM2 memory. It immerses you into the real VR world and also provides real-time 3D rendering, some special effects and gameplay with hand-away settings. In a single precession performance, iMac Pro computing processors perform around 11 teraflops and on half procession, it performs 22 teraflops. It offers 8GB/ 16GB high memory bandwidth.

iMac Pro Graphics

iMac Pro Storage:

iMac Pro memory is just massive of its kind. It can store a huge amount of memory up to 128GB. You don't need to worry about the space and you could download many apps and use it the way you want and also you can render huge 3D models. It has a solid-state drive capacity of 1TB. With 4TB of flash storage, it will make you work on large 4K and HD projects. Anything is faster than you experienced before. With 3GB/s, you can load huge files and also download and launch apps as you wish. So, anything is faster and quicker with this smart desktop. You may never experience such kind of performance as you do in iMac Pro. Saving and loading is fun with this new iMac.

iMac Pro Storage

iMac Pro I/O

The pro machine as expected offers plenty of high-speed ports for a smooth and greater performance. It comes with four thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports so that you connect with two 5K monitors for a mammoth 44 million pixels in total and also it helps you to transfer data at 40Gbps. Two 5K display might be more than a thunderbolt for you! This is not enough? Want more masterstroke? Then, here goes. It comes with whooping 10GB Ethernet. So, whatever you want to share or you want to work with any network storage, then this iMac will be 10 times faster than you expect. Not only this, it also supports Nbase-T industry standard 1 GB, 2.5Gb and 5Gb link speeds.

iMac Pro Camera

Coming to the iMac Pro camera, it comes with 1080p FaceTime HD camera that offers a resolution of 1920 × 1080pixel and supports a billion colors. Two 5K display comes with a resolution of 5120x2880 at 60Hz with the support of billion colors. Four 4K UHD external displays at 60Hz with a resolution of 3840x2160. Four 4K external display supports millions of colors at 60Hz with a resolution of 4096x2304. It also shares a support for video mirroring modes.

iMac Pro Audio

With rich bass and powerful volume, the new iMac Pro comes with enhanced stereo speakers and four microphones. It also has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The audio in this desktop pleases your ears and it craves for more listening modes. The all-new speakers are here to grab your attention wherever you are with its rich and crisp audible sound.

iMac Pro Audio

iMac Pro Thermal Management

The advanced thermal management in the iMac Pro supports innovative dual blowers, a heatsink and extra venting. And, the consequence is just aww as it offers 75% more airflow and the system thermal capacity is increased by 80%. It holds a capacity of 500 watts which offer 67% more power than the iMac.

iMac Pro Operating System

The new iMac Pro works on macOS high sierra operating system. It adds enhanced features to your Mac. It makes more reliable and responsive features and it is the highest level that introduces new core technologies and also redefining all the features that you want to feel.

Connectivity and Accessories

Connectivity options for the iMac Pro include 10GB Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking, USB, SDXC card slot and Bluetooth 4.2. The accessories that it comes along with this desktop are Space Grey Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, Space Grey Magic Mouse 2 or Magic trackpad 2, and power cable.

The iMac Pro price is $4,999 (INR 3, 25,000) and the sale will start on 14th December.


The much-awaited new iMac pro is here with eye-grabbing and legion features to pine for. Everything about an Apple product is very less when discussed. Its quality is indefatigable and is very persistent in bringing out the best ad the latest technologies that no product has put up with. Its style is unique and so is the product. It abounds in creativity and yet another time it revealed its dexterity and diligence through this masterpiece. 

iMac Pro Full Specifications

Model Name
Display Highlights
Screen Size
Panel Type
Contrast Ratio
Response Time
Full HD 1080P
HD 720P Ready
Aspect Ratio
Viewing Angles(Horizontal/Vertical)
Number of Colors
Pixel Pitch
Connectivity Ports
VGA or D-Sub
Requirement Supply
Stand By
Mounting Stand
Security Lock Slot
Wall Mount
Additional Features
Additional Features
With Stand (W x H x D)
Without Stand (W x H x D)
With Stand
Without Stand

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