IFB RFFB 335EDNDLS Double Door 335 Ltr Refrigerator

Rs. 47700.00 (approx)
Rs. 45315.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • 2 star rating, 291 liters capacity, double door, toughened glass shelves

IFB335EDNDLS is a Bottom Mount Freezer with an ability of total storage space is291 liters that means the capacity of refrigerator occupied in 235 liters and volume of the freezer is holds on 100liters of storage. This fridge is supported an automatic defrosting for your convenience means you will never need to defrost this fridge freezer, as it operates electrically.

The frost free eliminates the time wastage of defrosting because once the ice form, immediately to eliminate the excessive frost to build up on freezer and fridge section. Dimensions of this fridge come 595x808x1875 and the weight of appliance is bundled in 76.0KG (167.5 pounds).


Theseshelf’s are obtained on 3 and eventuated with Glass shelves, these are easy to clean and food items are arranged in well. Chrome trim handle type is applied outside of this machine that is glazed in Aluminium Brush Finish and door bins are designed with transparent it means clearly visible on what we have placed and that are aligned on curve(Arc) model so it is very pleasant to store food materials and identifying faster.

Freezer shelves are a constitution with Transparent Plastic and the Outdoor fridge is boasted Linux Steel color. Interior of the refrigerator cabinet is finished on LXGray.  We can also purchase another color of this model that is pearl white it displays on outdoor of appliance and cabinet is acquires white color.


ThisIFB lends a startling Reversible Door for using convenient it means the hinges are presented on two sides of this refrigerator so we can open both doors of your fridge based on our need.

These refrigerators have independent internal Damper control that operates Automatic and allowing cool air from the freezer to the refrigerator, it maintains fresh food in longer.

It has embedded Flap Humidity controller or Moisture Balance crisper system that means to maintain optimum levels of moisture in your crisper Drawer and improves longevity freshness of food either fruits and vegetables.

TheIFB provides a LED Touchscreen on the outside of fridge we maintain the temperature levels by using external touch control (by hand) and helps conveniently managing the temperature level settings during high or low, medium, without opening your fridge door.

It has implemented on Multi-Air Flow System it ensures every inch of the refrigerator is cooled evenly and maintains a constant temperature so it stays fresher longer.

We have chosen 5 cooling modes. Eco mode- saves energy. Holiday mode- we are going to a long gurney, this mode helps to preserve the food long time as it running in holiday mode on your refrigerator.

DrinkCool Mode- cools the drinks with in adjusting time. Supercool mode helps cooling fastness for perishable food items. SuperFreeze mode - we make ice instantly by chilling at 30oC.

IFBincludes separate convertible box compartment, it allows to controlling its temperature separately from the other compartments of the refrigerator. To store special food items like chocolate, pies and ice cream, biscuits without affecting the refrigerator surroundings.

It also builds’ in 2 Egg Tray containers that save conveniently and safely more eggs on Egg Tray. We cook the eggs and no wastage being cool. This fridge includes 2 plain ice trays; we can get lordly ice cubes on this freezer compartment. IFBhave bundled with 1 Bottle rack is placed in between the 2 shelves for storing beverage bottles at an angle that retains the original flavor and taste. Of course, we can store ordinary bottles of waters as also.

If you forget the door closing or that door is not closed properly but you do not feel because this fridge is released the alert notifications for you. This fridge has promoted a lock& key function it helps to lock the refrigerator because our kids are opened the door in unnecessarily and children are eats secretly in flavors or pudding. By using the lock& key function prevents this problem.

This fridge is specially designed for storing cut onions, lemons, that holds in perfect moisture and odors does not spread to your other compartments. It has flaunted with the grotesque feature is 2 broad vegetable trays for storing an enormous quantity of vegetables. The led internal lighting system, this light is helpful for fatty identifying the damaging foods on your refrigerator in dark light conditions.

This fridge has separate dual sensors for controlling the temperature of freezer and refrigerator sections from outside. It holds 4 Roller Feet, the benefit of this wheel is to move quickly at anywhere and we get 43db noise. It also contains Bread Box as to store extensive of bread, bonbons as it gives abiding freshness and also helps to copies moisture levels in your refrigerator. This frost free refrigerators yield an Anti-Fungal Door Gasket, This cover strength to prevent the entry of Bactria, the growth of fungi and mold in the interior of this fridge.

Energy star:

IFB335EDNDLS boasts 2 Star rating that means This Refrigerator and freezer gains more energy so additional electricity is absorbed that means our current bill burst.


This machine is getting on the 1-year guarantee and the compressor comes with 4 years warranty.


This price is RS 45,315 available in India.


This price is RS 45,315 available in India.


 IFB 335EDNDLScost is exorbitant but you place this fridge in your kitchen so it flaunts classical look as compared to other appliances. User to buy this machine as it captures many features that are 5 cooling modes, reversible door, bread box,4-roller feet and those functionalities are explained in detail on top of the feature sections.

IFB RFFB 335EDNDLS Double Door 335 Ltr Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name IFB
Model Name IFB RFFB 335EDNDLS Double Door 335Ltr Refrigerator
Star Rating 2 Star
Deodorizer Type N/A
Capacity 291 L
Type Double Door
No of Doors 2
Body Features
Shelf Material Glass Shelves
Door Handle Aluminium brush finish
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 3
Egg Tray Yes
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight 76.0 Kg
Net Height 1875 mm
Net Depth 808 mm
Net Width 595 mm
Other Features
Other Features LCD Display/LCD Touch Control, Space Smart, Bread Box, Fresh Lock, Bottle Rack, Ultra Chilling System, Multi-Air Flow System, Quick Freezer Zone, Convertible Box, Ice "Fast Forward",Cooling Programmes/Modes, Independent Controls, LED Internal Lightin
Warranty 1 year on machine + 4 year on compressor

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