iball MJ D9+ 2.1 speaker

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Quick Specs:

  • satellites are black and bare, woofer gray color, output 25W.

The IBALL MJ D9+ 2.1 speaker system avails superb and lifelike sound effects which you are flourishing for. This is a simply looking speaker which gives a wonderful sound output you never anticipated. Going into the performance review of the Iball MJ D9+ speaker.


The IBALL MJ D9+ 2.1 Desktop speakers are crafted beautifully to give wonderful audio.  MJ D9+ has this compact design that fits in the smallest space It comes with a medium sized remote control containing extraordinary techniques. The satellites are black and bare. The pattern of the satellites looks pretty old. The physical structure is constructed of wood and is dark in color. The woofer is provided with easily reachable controls. The woofer has this sand finish texture mixed with gray color.

There are two controlling knobs for adjusting bass levels on the subwoofer and satellites. The Iball MJ D9+ comprises of 3 units, one subwoofer, and two loudspeakers. The proportions of the satellites are 10 (W) x 13.8 (H) x 10 (D) cm and subwoofer are 16 (W) x 22 (H) x 24 (D) cm.


 IBALL MJ D9+ is a 2.1 home theater speaker which consists of one woofer and two satellite speakers. The total sound output of the speaker is 25W. The woofer output is 8W and satellite is 3W each Provided with a small rotating knob for setting intensity.

The stereo jack is also available. Supplied with additional features such as Multimedia Speaker, Subwoofer Port Design: External Flared Design, Image Focusing Plate, 2.1 Speaker System, Dual Slot Enclosure, Bass Level Adjustment. The signal to noise ratio of the speaker is 75dB. It holds 4-inch woofer driver unit and 3-inch satellite driver unit. The control panel functions are Power, Volume, Bass, Play/pause, Mode select, Play/Pause, Auto Scan, Prev. Track / Seek-, Next Track / Seek+.


The compact speaker will generally suit all types of gimmicks. You can play music easily by just plugging into a USB Pen drive, Micro SD Card, PC/Laptop, etc.  The built-in FM radio allows you to savor your preferred radio station whenever you require.  The remote command is provided with direct track selections and folder change options which are softer to manage. The best thing about the design is the wooden cabinet design for speakers as well as woofers. This is an uncomplicated yet powerful speaker with awesome details. The 1 year warranty period of the Iball MJ D9+ ensures long operation.


ü  Finest compact design

ü  Good audio levels

ü  Excellent isolation and powerful bass


û  No Bluetooth connectivity


Savor the best sound quality with the Iball MJ D9+ 2.1 speakers that bears a high-end technology. The warranty period of 1 year is really gracious. The speaker comes with an exceptional audio quality. The iBall MJ D9+ speaker is available at a price of Rs 2,200/- Amazon. 

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