Hitachi RAU512CWEA Kashikoi Split AC

Rs. 58690.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions of the indoor unit are 997 x 294 x 294 mm and weight around 14 Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 750 x 288 x 548 mm and weight is 35 kgs.


Hitachi latest technology air conditioner which is a 1 ton capacity with excellent 5-star rating (BEE) which saves a lot of electricity. This comes with an inverter technology which is the best and trending all over right now.


The Hitachi RAU512CWEA cooling device comes with a simple design but with greater technology embedded in it. This is an inverter air conditioner that works perfectly in any type of power conditions. The air conditioner is a plastic body and is white in color.

It is provided with 4-way air swing which ensures uniform air throughout the room. The front panel is of the removable type. It comes with one-touch silent fan speed. Inside the front panel, there are dust filters.  The air conditioner does come with a high efficient rotary compressor. Filter check LED is available. It is provided with eco-friendly refrigerant.

The digital display is provided in the right corner for displaying the temperature at which it works. Besides you can also see manual buttons. The vertical louvers provided can be set in opposite directions. The remote control provided has LED backlit buttons for easy operation in darker conditions.


The detailed features of the Hitachi RAU512CWEA window air conditioner are mainly it is a 5 star rated air conditioner. The energy efficiency ratio is 5.57 EER. Speed setting for cooling and fan speed are also available. The cooling capacity of the air conditioner is 4400 watts.  Provided with Rotary-R22compressor.

It requires a power supply of 230 volts with single phase and 50 Hz and. It does come with a Rotary compressor type. The total power consumption is 1250 watts. The dimensions of the indoor unit are 997 x 294 x 294 mm and weight around 14 Kgs. The dimensions of the outdoor unit are 750 x 288 x 548 mm and weight is 35 kgs. Supplemented with dual protection filter.

Hitachi RAU512CWEA - features

The AC runs on 230 volts with a single phase connection of 50Hz. Air circulation speed is around 460cfm. Asymmetric louver movement, Digilock is provided. Features such as Image Sensor Technology, Auto-Filter Cleaning Technology, Tropical Inverter Technology, Air Sleep Cooling Control Technology, and Eco Green Refrigerant are embedded.


The Auto-Filter Cleaning Technology ensures fresh and healthy air flow in the room and creates a healthy environment. The cooling capacity of 4400 watts for a 1-ton air conditioner is really amazing.

The noise levels are very drastically low around 25db.As the pricing is also higher because of its latest inverter technology air conditioner. This feature is really great.

It is also provided with one touch silent fan speed. The noise from the air conditioner is very less. The air circulation levels are 460CFM. It consumes lower energy because of the 5-star rating.


The performance of the Hitachi RAU512CWEA Inverter air conditioner is amazing and wonderful with power saving solution and advanced modes. The lower power consumption (5 Star rating) makes it the best product. This air conditioner is available at a price of Rs 47,599/- Even the price feels higher it is worth.

Hitachi RAU512CWEA Kashikoi Split AC Full Specifications

Hitachi RAU512CWEA Kashikoi Split AC Reviews

Haribabu -

It is not up to the mark. As per catalogue maximum load ampere is 3.8 but it goes even up to 5 ampere. So power consumption is high as 1.5 ton ac

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