Hitachi R-T350ENDK 1K SLS PBK 318L Double Door Refrigerator

Rs. 31899.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • 2 star rating, 318 liters capacity, double door, nano titanium technology

Hitachi Company releases the stylish door series that is R-T350ENDK1K and it is a double door fridge.


These fridge shelves are bedecked with TemperedGlass shelves and the color is paraded black finish.


This has led to Air Jet Flow technology that designing purpose is to throw chilled or cooling air on the freezer to refrigerator shelves and to maintaining our food is hygienic.

In the refrigerator it has convenient functionality for the user which means the consumer to store a vast amount of vegetables on double deck vegetable storage space this is to be set with optimal cooling for control the heavy moisture levels and you can store 31litres of vegetables.  

In this fridge when as comes high temperature with suddenly then the Eco-ThermoSensors are detected the inside and outside temperatures after to control the temperature levels by the microcomputer as it maintains constant cooling levels.

You can want large ice cubes at any time without any tension because of this fridge gives inside on double ice trays for you then you can make with ice tubes conveniently. 

Suppose if your fridge transmits with more cooling on top to bottom but in vegetable drawer maintains optimum cooling no need to worried about it because it has equipped with moisture crisper drawer so your vegetables are protected with longer without any damage.

On the front side of the fridge, it offers a smart control dial as you use it you can change the temperature with low or high based on your needs.

Suppose one of the items is damaged in your refrigerator that smell is spread to another item then your fridge does not have Deodorizer functionality but that problem not arises this fridge because it has equipped with Deodorizer functionality.

The refrigerant of this refrigerant is R-134a and it has a door lock key functionality, CFC free.

This fridge is building with a convertible compartment that feature is not possessed in any other standard refrigerators. Based on your cooling requirement as you can transmit rapidly in chillier mode to vegetable mode.  Chilliermode can place in milk, fish, France, cool drinks etc. and vegetable mode for storing of more fruits and vegetables.

Energy Star:

User to get 2 star energy rating.


This appliance cost is RS 32000 available inIndia.


Slide out the chilled case.

Electronic Control.


smart control dial.

Blue digital display.


 You can place the item in either shelf or anywhere but you forget, do not feel about that issue because this fridge interior is attached to the wide lamp light. That appliance is not having a smart control dial, blue digital display.

Hitachi R-T350ENDK 1K SLS PBK 318L Double Door Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Hitachi
Model Name Hitachi R-T350ENDK 1K SLS PBK 318L Double Door Refrigerator
Star Rating 2 Star
Deodorizer Type N/A
Capacity 318 L
Type Double Door
No of Doors 2
Body Features
Shelf Material Tempered Glass
Door Handle Yes
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves N/A
Egg Tray N/A
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight N/A
Net Height 1680 mm
Net Depth 655 mm
Net Width 600 mm
Other Features
Other Features Eco Thermo Sensor, Nano Titanium Filter, Slide Out Chilled Case, Mold proof Door Gasket, Jumbo Door Pocket, Movable Twist Ice Tray, CFC Free, HFC Free, Lock and Key (Option), Dual Fan Cooling.
Warranty 1 Year

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