Hitachi R SG37BPND GBK 390L Multi Door Refrigerator

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Quick Specs:

  • Hitachi company has promulgates the 3 door refrigerator and this storage capacity is 390 liters of space. The Defrosting type of this appliance is equipped with frost free thawing.

Hitachi company has promulgated the 3 door refrigerator and this storage capacity is 390litersof space. The Defrosting type of this appliance is equipped with frost free thawing.


R-SG37BPNDfridge shelves are embellished with Tempered Glass shelf and the color flaunts a Glass black finish.


This Hitachi embedded a3- way flexible shelf or foldable shelf for storing of various size items that we can place on regular usage products like fruit pieces, small honey jars etc. Too folded for storing in tall item bottles, also caches the large pots and bowls so you can use and adjust the shelf in any style for your needs. This fridge interior flows uniform cooling for keep and saves food products for longer freshness because that has implemented with air-jet flow technology. Hitachi convenes anAutomatic Ice maker Functionality that is user to fill the tank in the refrigerator with water and it makes ice cubes are automatically so this function is used in mostly in summer vacations. There is a bottle corner which provides precise space for storing flasks.

When the user is opening fridge door for too long or that portal is not closed properly so this fridge is provided one of the best features that are Chill Leaking Alarm and it also prevents the leakage of outside cooling air. This appliance is a CFCfree, therefore, it builds an Environment-Friendly nature and does not releases the any Harmful gasses. This refrigerator feature is Eco ThermoSensor that diagnoses continuously the temperature changes in inside the machine, whenever a change is absorbed in multi-sensor then the microcomputer responds instantly to adjust optimum cooling power for efficient energy saving all environment conditions like summer, winter, and rainy seasons.

It has operated in a quick freezing mode that flows cooling air quickly on whatever we have placed items like non-vegetables and dairy products. This mode prevents the food from losing nutrition and taste due to leaking so it purveys flavor food. It includes a Slide out Fresh room which maintains vegetables and fruits healthy for a longer span. This Fridge has gives a secondary storage space for storing a lot of fruits and vegetables that are organized well and this feature is not boasted in any conventional refrigerators. This has provided an extra 31Liters of storage space. It is called as Double Deck Storage space.

This fridge features with InverterControl technology for effectively and efficient cooling on selecting the optimal temperature. It has equipped with a jumbo vegetable tray for capable of detaining up to 7 bottles of 2-litre capacity. This fridge has provides a high moisture cooling it maintains the optimum level of humidity in the storage compartment and capable of retaining nutrients on the stored food items. It uses R600a and it built noise free and this fridge gives 99% bacteria free removing assurance by Nano titaniumDeodorizing functionality.

The one-touch control panel is placed in right above the handle it is easy to see and manipulated fully with your hands. On the internal side of this refrigerator has placed in LED light for low light situations because consumer to identified easily on which items to be located.

Energy Star:

This refrigerator has a 4-star energy rating.


HitachiR-SG37BPND fridge cost is Rs.60,000 available in India.


3-way flexible shelf.

AutomaticIce Maker.


No water dispenser.

Noice Dispenser.


 If you purchased this fridge you can obtain 390 liters of 3 door storage capacity so consumers can store a lot of products either fish, France, ice creams, chocolates, curries, chutneys, and vegetables, dry fruits, milk, curd etc but the cost of the fridge is RS 60,000 available in India.

Hitachi R SG37BPND GBK 390L Multi Door Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Hitachi
Model Name Hitachi R SG37BPND GBK 390L Multi Door Refrigerator
Star Rating 4 Star
Deodorizer Type N/A
Capacity 390 L
Type Multi Door
No of Doors 3
Body Features
Shelf Material Tempered Glass
Door Handle Yes
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 3
Egg Tray Yes
Freezer Features
Ice Tray Yes
Weight N/A
Net Height 1816 mm
Net Depth 630 mm
Net Width 590 mm
Other Features
Other Features Air Jet Flow, Chill Leaking Alarm, Eco Thermo Sensor, High Moisture Cooling, Led Control Panel, Led Light, Mould Proof Door Gasket, Nano Titanium Filter, Quick Freezing.
Warranty 1 Year

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