HAIER HRB 386 SFG 323 Ltr Triple Door Refrigerator

Rs. 69990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • 4 star rating, 323 liters capacity, double door, toughened glass

The bottom mounted refrigerators offers convenient and more utilized space as compared to the side by side refrigerators. The consumers are purchased the fridge in more because maximum items or are positioned in refrigerator compartment but not freezer compartment. It can fit easily on larger items like cake and trays and also takes the user its items with easily.

A Haier released a bottom-mounted refrigerator that is HRB 386 SFG with a total net capacity is 270 liters and the defrosting mechanism is supported with automatic. The freezer capacity is 71 liters and the refrigerator capacity is161litres also appears another compartment is 38 liters.


In the fridge appears with 3 shelves and that are coated in a spill proof, It also presents with a reversible door functionality for user convenient to use.This fridge is flaunted with silver vivid color.


First inIndia this fridge is displayed with Curved Glass Door for premium appeal and design and it utilizes in without any frame for the designing of Fridge door. This fridge has equipped with splendor dual LED light and it displays better visibility of your groceries. This fridge provides a flexible add-on rack that is made of stainless steel rack to store all your drinks and all sizes of beverages.

If the person placed on vegetables and fruits in the conventional fridge after you can go any long vacations then your items are spoiled that problem is overcome by utilizing the Intelligent Holiday Functions you can relish long vacations serenity still keeping your frozen food maintained garden-fresh and healthy. This fridge produces a LED digital control panel because to easier of user convenience with changing of control and to adjust the temperature levels through high or low. These operations are performed with soft and to touch with user fingertips.

It has ADC inverter compressor for optimum cooling and it produces less noise as it saves up to 51% of energy. In the temperature to do the control of vegetable and deep freezer compartment so you can place 5 to 7 degrees then it was flexible and temperature can be maintained in the fridge of the vegetable box and freezer compartment to customize with convenient. This refrigerator has a Solar- Induced Freshness, which allows raw fruits and vegetables continue growing in inside refrigerator through a changeable solar light wave that is cognate to the sunshine.


This fridge cost is Rs.69,990 available in India.

Energy Star:

This fridge energy star is displayed a 4-star energy.


Twist ice maker.

VC fresh.


No handles.

No intelligent fuzzy logic function.


 This fridge cost is very lavish and it offers Melanie features that are not presented in any other fridges such is a curved glass door, solar induced freshness etc.

HAIER HRB 386 SFG 323 Ltr Triple Door Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Haier
Model Name HAIER HRB 386 SFG 323L Triple Door Refrigerator
Model ID Haier HRB 386 SFG
Star Rating 4 Star
Deodorizer Type N/A
Capacity 323 L
Type Multi Door
No of Doors 3
Body Features
Shelf Material N/A
Door Handle No
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves 3
Egg Tray N/A
Freezer Features
Ice Tray N/A
Weight N/A
Net Height N/A
Net Depth N/A
Net Width N/A
Other Features
Other Features Solar Induced Freshness, Convertible Middle Door, DC Inverter Compressor, Dual LED lamp, Digital Control and Display, Intelligent Holiday Function, Foldable Bottle Rack, Curved Glass Door.
Warranty 1 Year

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