Haier BCD 728WICS 801 Ltr side by side Door Refrigerator

Quick Specs:

  • 5 star rating, 728 liters capacity, double door, toughened glass shelves

Haier is a Chinese multinational company and in India, this company is clicking is exceedingly well, the consumer liking more on to the buying of this products because due to the Chinese products releases an affordable price and that found on the market very well.


This company launches the 4 doors French door refrigerator that name is BCD-728WICSand the defrosting type of this machine is Automatic Defrosting. The dimensions of this refrigerator are 100.5x190.0x77.0 cm and the color of this fridge is displayed with Inox Gray. The capacity of the freezer is occupied in 200 liters and the refrigerator is covered in 528 liters.  This fridge control is builds with electronic control. It also contains handles.


This fridge is equipped withTower LED lighting system it gives a fresh and clear visibility of food items and saves energy up to 20times and lasting for 20000 hours. This fridge has designed with my zone drawers for the user to set temperature with by using the central compartment as depending on your needs thus for to maintains fresh and clean products.  we can set the +50 C temperature can place fruit items and 00 C for nonvegetable items also saves ice creams with -70C, food items with -180 C.

This fridge has equipped withDC Inverter Control for provides optimum cooling and it gives low noise operation. In the normal fridge, you place the warm and new food to the refrigerator then changes the temperature levels after your food is spoilage thoroughly because needed in low temperature but changed the high-temperature these problems are overcome by using the super cooling function. This fridge is built the super cooling function that mode is on then you placed new food items without affecting in the exciting food items with temperature levels.

This fridge is also a super freezing functionality it allows fast and safe freezing of food added to the freezer. It also contains standby mode functionality. this fridge provides aAcoustic Temperature alarm that senses intelligently in abnormal changes of temperatures due to very hot stuff kept inside the refrigerator and it also offers a triggered alarm for your refrigerator have increased the temperature within a time too warm and cold then sends an email or calls your phone to warn you.

This fridge has fitted in 1Hour Icing Technology, the user accepts ice in approximately 60 minutes of time and better result.This Fridge gives fastest cooling technology in the industry. It supports an Anti-bacterial system, it prevents germs and bacteria or fungal formation on the fridge door. This fridge offers a foldable shelf that means it transmits a half shelf for storing to allow tall items that are fits smoothly in your refrigerator.

Haier gives separate vegetable crisper for storing of huge vegetables safely and also gives a vegetable crisper cover for not entering of bacteria.  this refrigerator has built with door alarm that warns you for opening the fridge door is long or do not close properly so this alarm will helpful for you it works conveniently. It also contains fruit box that can store apple, banana, mango etc and it also gives a fruit case cover. This fridge also a humidity controller for maintains vegetables freshness.


This fridge cost is Rs 68,200available in India.


door alarm.

Anti-bacterial system.


super cooling mode.

super holiday mode.


 This fridge cost is more but offers a variety of traits that are humidity controller, separate vegetable crisper, acoustic temperature alarm, my zone drawers.

Haier BCD 728WICS 801 Ltr side by side Door Refrigerator Full Specifications

Brand Name Haier
Model Name Haier BCD 728WICS 801L Multi Door Refrigerator
Model ID Haier BCD 728WICS
Star Rating 5 Star
Deodorizer Type N/A
Capacity 528 L
Type Side By Side
No of Doors N/A
Body Features
Shelf Material N/A
Door Handle Yes
Refrigerator Compartment Features
Number of Shelves N/A
Egg Tray N/A
Freezer Features
Ice Tray N/A
Weight N/A
Net Height 190.0 cm
Net Depth 77.0 cm
Net Width 100.5 cm
Other Features
Other Features Human Sense Auto-Door Opening, Automatic Sensory Indicator and Control Panel, Multi Dimensional Drawers, Full lighting system, Double 'My Zone' Drawers, 3 in1 Turbo sterilization, Auto ice-maker with mineral tank, A++ European Energy Rating, DC Inver
Warranty 5 Year

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