Garmin Vivosmart HR 010-01955-81 Smart Activity Tracker

Rs. 13990.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The size of the display is 1” x 0.42” with a resolution of 160 x 168 pixels.

This is the latest fitness band from the Garmin 010-01955-81 which looks awesome with the midnight blue color. It is a very comfortable band which can be worn all day. This is one of the most wanted fitness bands.


The Garmin 010-01955-81 Vivo smart is the 2nd generation band from the Garmin. It comes with the completely latest design. It is provided with a single physical button on the side of the device and that’s how you get into the settings and then start and stop workouts. I really like having that dedicated button. This wasn’t there on the old video smart and I think it’s a really nice addition. Along the same lines, the Garmin has actually changed the locking mechanism as well.

garmin 010-01955-81 Design

This time they are gone for more of a watch style system that I really definitely like, the bands are also super soft. Lastly on the design the optical heart rate sensor on the underside of the device which Garmin calls Elevate the weight of the device is 29.6 grams. It is provided with two size bands which are small and one is large. 


The Garmin 010-01955-81 flaunts a big display which is comfortable to read on and has pretty good visibility in all conditions and it does have a backlit. The size of the display is 1” x 0.42” with a resolution of 160 x 168 pixels.

garmin 010-01955-81 Display


The Garmin 010-01955-81 smart band is a dust and water resistant. It is provided with a battery which stays around 5 days after once charged. It is provided with heart rate sensor. It comes with Bluetooth for syncing with the iPhone or android mobiles. The app provided is very good and constantly getting better.

garmin 010-01955-81 Batterey

The Garmin is providing constant updates to the app which is awesome. Heart rate monitor is available. Calculates the calories burned and calculates the intake of calories.


I actually do like the touch screen and you can also adjust its orientation. So that it can go from horizontal or vertical. I tried both ways and but I really do like the vertical layout. I think it is just more comfortable to read the information on the display. On the downside, I did already get a few scratches on the surface of the display they aren’t big and they are purely cosmetic but it’s kind of making me nervous that over time it becomes littered and scratched. This in any way disrupts the functionality.

The device is great for running cycling and basic day to day function which as you will see in a movement solely what it's designed to do after all running and cycling are the most common activities that involve heart rate. Unfortunately despite what I have seen from other reviewers the heart rate sensor is spotty for weightlifting.


The overall functionalities of the band seem good. It is also provided with a find my phone feature. These bands are really super handy. It saves me from having a pull my phone out of the pocket constantly. The price of this fitness band is Rs13, 990/-

Garmin Vivosmart HR 010-01955-81 Smart Activity Tracker Full Specifications

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