F&D W330X 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System

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Quick Specs:

  • he speaker driver output power is 14W x 2. The output power of subwoofer is 28W. It is compatible with DVD, TV or Mobile Devices.

This is a detailed review about the 2.1 F&D speakers. The model number of the speaker is F&D W330X. The speaker looks quite attractive with the gold color design.


F&D W330X is a quality speaker from the Fenda audio which suits your Pc and desktop. It comes with a 2.1 setup. The satellites come with a cubicle design which is tilted and has a tapered bottom which gives good balance and support. The finishing is really good. It got this golden panel around the speaker vent and the branding is available on the bottom. It got this gold bezel surrounding the speaker. The quality of the speakers is really good. It gives a very good premium feel when you keep it on the desk.

The two speakers are wired and connected to the woofer. The woofer is a box structured one where you will get the volume knob on the front with gold color and you will also find the branding at the bottom. You will get the best plug and play experience. You will find the design of the speaker unit very attractive. The speaker is made of hard plastic. All the connectivity’s come on the right side of the speaker. There come the buttons.

W330X  Dimendion

It comes with USB and SD card slot. The power on/Off button is on the back side and all the connectivities are there itself. The entire body of the speaker has a matte finish. The dimensions of the satellite are 140x 138x 134 mm and the dimensions of the subwoofer are 220x 243 x 230 mm.


F&D W330X is a 2.1 home theater speaker which comprises of one woofer and two satellite speakers a total of 3 units. The speaker has a satellite with 2.5" full range driver and Subwoofer: 6.5" bass driver LED display is available. The speaker driver output power is 14W x 2. The output power of subwoofer is 28W. It is compatible with DVD, TV or Mobile Devices.

W330X  Jack view

The power source of the device is AC adapter. Built in radio is available. A remote control is available. Provided with connectivities such as Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and FM tuner. Functions such as Volume and Bass, Treble knob Source and Pair buttons are available. Requires a power of 230V, 50Hz. The frequency range of the device is 20Hz-20KHz. Speaker driver size is 3" Full range and the subwoofer driver size is 5.25 inch.


The F&D W330X is a premium speaker which is working amazingly. It gives beauty to your home. It has a very good Bluetooth range up to 15mts where you can sit play music whenever you want. The best thing about the device is its bass and volume levels. It gives the best audio quality and suits for all type of entertainments.


The F&D W330X 2.1 Multimedia speakers are the best way to enjoy high-end music in an amazing way. It got this amazing Bluetooth connectivity and you will be impressed by it. The F&D speaker is available at a price of 5000 in Flipkart and many online sites.

F&D W330X 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System Full Specifications

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