F&D F-3000U 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater Speaker

Rs. 7230.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • The total sound output of the speaker is 79W. The front speakers give 10W x 2 output, and the center speaker gives 10W. The surround speakers give 10W x 2 and finally, the subwoofer gives 29W output.

The F&D F3000U 5.1 speaker system is a new 5.1 speaker from F&D. The F & D had passed a great deal in giving perfect speakers these many years. And there is no doubt that it would give better performance but it is better to have a brief look at the performance before buying. I used the device for quite a few days. Initially, all the bass levels and the audio levels are amazing. Even after few days, the sound quality is not disintegrating. Now, look at the review of F&D 5.1 Channel Speaker system.


The F&D F-3000U 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater Speakers are crafted beautifully with a pinch of red on the black speakers. The speaker's design is ultimate. What’s the difference between other home theater and this is, its matte finish on the subwoofer with front placed buttons.The speakers are thin in size and mostly light weight.

The subwoofer takes a bit more place. The speaker grills of all the units are made of metal. This is a compact 5.1 speakers suitable for the desktop and laptops. The satellites are small and made of the plastic body. The speaker size is compact. It comes with image focusing plate. There are knobs for adjusting bass levels on the subwoofer and satellites.

The F&D F3000U comprises of 6 units, one subwoofer, and two front speakers a surround speaker and a center speaker. The dimensions of the satellites and the front speakers are same with 88 x 187 x 97 mm and the subwoofer is 330 x 235 x 220 mm.


F&D F3000U is a 5.1 home theater speaker which consists of one woofer and two satellite speakers. The total sound output of the speaker is 79W. The front speakers give 10W x 2 output, and the center speaker gives 10W. The surround speakers give 10W x 2 and finally, the subwoofer gives 29W output. Provided with a small rotating knob for adjusting volume.

F&D F-3000U 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater Speaker review specs

There is also a LED light. The stereo jack is also available. Provided with functions such as Standby, input, sound, volume. All the front and the center speaker’s bear 3-inch driver speakers. The subwoofer bears 5.25-inch driver speakers. Additionally, it comes with an SD card and a USB slot for easy connectivity. It comes with fully operational remote control.


The bass levels are what you expect. This is an impressive speaker. It looks awesome with its efficient design. F&D F3000U Speaker is a heavy duty music player. You can enjoy great songs with perfect bass levels. The LED lights available give a great deal. The easy reach buttons are so nice. This speaker is the one you always want to buy.

The performance is reliable and mostly long lasting. This is a simple yet powerful speaker with amazing details. The warranty period of the F&D F3000Umakes sure that speaker is working well for longer periods. Overall performance is good and can be used for mostly all types of purposes.


ü  Best impressive design

ü  Heavy Duty audio

ü  Powerful bass


û  Subwoofer size is big and occupies much space


The design and sound were so good that you need to think about buying. Enjoy the best sound quality with the F&D F3000U 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater Speaker that bears an IFP technology. The speaker comes with an exceptional audio quality. The speakers have this compact design that fits in the smallest space. It is one of the best 5.1 home theater speakers. The price of the speaker is quite affordable. The speaker is available at a price of Rs 5500/- Amazon. 

F&D F-3000U 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater Speaker Full Specifications

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