Daikin FTC50RRV16 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Rs. 34800.00 (approx)

Quick Specs:

  • ·        1.5T capacity

    ·        3-star rating

    ·        Copper condenser

    ·        dust filter

 3-star Air conditioners in India are levelling up on its own way for not burning our pockets. With each split-AC revealing, first people worry about the star rating the AC provides. Obviously, in the current trend, people look for those home appliances that save the power and the electricity bills. And, the companies got your nerves! So, with the battling competition, most of the ACs come with 2-star or 3-star rating in India ensuring that the consumers can be content by getting a start AC which assures them of getting low current bills. The split ACs have a markable presence in providing the 3-star rating ACs. The star rating is as important as the features provided by the AC.

Daikin, a Japanese multinational company is significantly the air conditioner manufacturer and is a known to be the innovator in the split system air conditioning market. It also codeveloped R-410A refrigerant coupled with a Carrier. It has pumped out with the best split-ACs and now it has evolved with a new model that specifies its 3-star rating. Its new model Daikin 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC -White (FTC50RRV16 / 161) has some very basic features. Let's dig deep to know about the specs and features in this review.  

Daikin Split-AC FTC50RRV16 / 161 Specs and Features

Many consumers are opting for 1.5 T split-ACs and Daikin too holds a capacity of 1.5T which is great for medium sized rooms where it spread the even cooling throughout without any hindrance. The dimensions of this split AC's indoor unit is 110 cm x 31 cm x 25.8 cm and the outdoor unit consists of 84.5 cm x 59.5 cm x 30 cm. The split AC's indoor weight is 13kg and the outdoor weight is 54kg. The cooling capacity of this split-AC is 5220W and it comes with a rotatory compressor.


The Daikin Split-AC has an auto-restart option. This is very useful while the power-cuts and it automatically set the AC on after power cut. It doesn't need any setting to handle this feature as it quickly takes it position after the power-cut. The split AC has a pure copper condenser as it is said to be a good conductor of heat and electricity and it also comes with easy maintenance compared to the aluminium. Compared the aluminium, the copper condenser has more cooling capacity and its repair downtime is relatively shorter than the aluminium condensers. It is energy efficient which strives to give the best cooling. Its power consumption is 1605 W.


Daikin, as said specifies the 3-star rating to lessen our electricity bills and also helps in saving the power up to 15% compared to the one-star non-inverter AC. The horizontal and vertical louvre of the swing helps in giving the uniform cooling without letting even the corner of the room. The dust filter in this split-AC helps in eliminating the dust particles and helps in keeping the fresh air in the room extricating the durt to enter the room. The Daikin Split-AC price in India is Rs. 34,800 and is available in white colour.


·        1.5T capacity

·        3-star rating

·        Copper condenser

·        dust filter

·        auto-restart option


·        No sleep mode

·        No anti-bacterial filter


Daikin has relatively given the best ACs but this model is quite disappointing as it didn't come up with the most basic features like sleep mode and anti-bacterial filter which many ACs has brought out at the same price that Daikin has. Although, there is nothing unique to boast over this split-AC. 

Daikin FTC50RRV16 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC Full Specifications

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