Mi Band - HRX Edition (Black )

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 A smart world with smart wearable! Everything in this smart world doesn't come at a meagre price. Fitness trackers have taken the whole world by storm. It has risen up our needs and the Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and Honor are making other manufacturers unbreathable by bringing out the budget fitness bands. And making them hard to survive in this competitive world. These affordable fitness bands are not only for the fitness purpose but also it gives you a classy and lavish look on your wrist giving a premium smartwatch look.

In the previous year, when Xiaomi Mi 2 Band released in the market, it has created an uproar with the standard features and the best thing with the affordable rate it has made out its markable presence. However, there are some flaws in it, making it no impeccable like other models and bands. Its OLED display, heart-rate sensor and some other requisite functions make it the most happening bands in the world. And this time, the Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan has raised the level making everyone go bonkers as he became the brand ambassador of the new fitness track of Xiaomi, Mi Band HRX Edition which kicked-off recently.

 Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Specs

 Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Specs

The specifications of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Mi Band HRX Edition are almost alike but the latter has come up with the improvised version and features to look onto but one thing that rages is that it doesn't offer you a heart rate sensor this time. Yet, you will feel light on your hands making it a comfy wear with no heart sensor.

The company assured that the hardware of the band comes furnished and improvised. And, no doubt in that as the OLED display seems brighter than the previous model and the touch on the band seems light and ready to respond even when you sweat, unlike its predecessor.

This time, this fitness tracker bears 23-day battery life as it has a capacity of 70 mAh. Due to the lack of heart rate sensor, the battery life is diminished by almost a week. Though there is no heart rate sensor, it will compensate with some features like tracking steps, burnt calories and distance walked. It even alerts you if you are idle for long hours with an Idle alert feature.

 Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Features

It tracks your sleep diligently i.e; when you're in deep sleep or when in light sleep. This feature is present in the previous model too. In this model, the Mi-Fit app has come up with improved features in it. It comes with colorful and innate User Interface. When the band syncs the data, you can get the entire list of health data in detail. The notification section is on like its predecessor. Messages, calls, other notifications, everything will alert you with Mi Band HRX Edition. When you lift your hand, it will show you the time and date, which is a very clever feature.  


All the fitness freaks can have a hand in it as it will be quintessential for them in their day-to-day lives. It comes at an affordable price of Rs. 1,299. Mi Band HRX Edition price is available on a shoe-string budget and it will be the best band to buy for the health maniacs.


23-day battery life

OLED display

Inexpensive price

Improvised Mi-Fit app


No heart rate sensor

Mi Band - HRX Edition Black Full Specifications

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