Blue Star 2W24La 2 Ton Window Air Conditioner

Rs. 31898.00 (approx)
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Quick Specs:

  • The dimensions are 660 x 430 x 770 mm and weight around 56Kgs.


Blue Star is a Window air conditioner with immense cooling technology you have ever seen. Blue Star air conditioners are intelligent at special features like self-diagnosis, functionality and performance. It comes with ecofriendly features.


The Blue Star window air conditioner is a window mountable air conditioner. The front panel is made of hard plastic and has white finish which can be completely removable and cleaned. The company does provide great quality products. It does have slits on the face.

It comes with remote control which does have a LCD display. The compressor is a high efficiency compressor which consumes less power with maximum output. It is also equipped with a copper condenser.

There is an also a safety feature on the indoor coil called Anti-Freeze Thermostat. Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator is supplemented for reduction of dust particles. It also comes with dust filters for trapping free flowing dust.


Coming to the features of the Blue Star window air conditioner. It comes with a capacity of 1.5 tonnage range. The BEE star rating is 2. It has a cooling capacity of 4850 watts. 4 direction air flow is available with auto air swing in two ways. Speed setting available.

Bluestar-2W18GA- fetures

Air circulation 430/418/398CFM. It has a noise level of 52 dB provided with Rotary-R22compressor The dimensions are 660 x 430 x 770 mm and weight around 56Kgs. supplemented with dual protection filter.

The ac runs on 230 volts with a single phase connection of 50Hz. General power consumption is 2080 watt. Dehumidification mode is available. Energy saver mode is provided. Anti-bacterial filter available.


The Blue Star window air conditioner is designed to work generally at very high temperatures. It comes with multi fan speed which can be adjustable. The air conditioner will auto restart when there is a power off or fluctuation and restarts in previous modes.

The air conditioner can also dehumidify air by Blue Star dry mode technology. The fan operates at a very low speed particularly in this mode. There is also a fast cooling option available. The components life is increased by the polyester powder paint.

The components are made up of galvanized steel. Dry mode is available. Auto restart with memory backup feature is very nice where the power is shut down and resumed it will automatically power on and run with the previous mode.


The window air conditioners are not the latest technology but it seems pretty interesting with the Blue star window air conditioners that is really awesome. It is available at a less price and the performance is pretty satisfying. It is available at a price of Rs.29, 990/-.

Blue Star 2W24La 2 Ton Window Air Conditioner Full Specifications

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